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Simplification Item: Storage Location MRP

With the TOP Simplification List Items approach we want to start a S/4HANA SCN Blog series to provide more information about dedicated simplification items. Simplification items where we assume that any customer project has to deal with. The following S/4HANA SCN Blog is collecting these TOP Simplification Items with the links to the dedicated S/4HANA blogs.

The TOP Simplification List Items

Within this blog we want to provide additional information regarding the Simplification Item: Storage Location MRP


In SAP ERP, storage locations can be excluded from MRP or they can be planned separately from other storage locations. In the latter case, where storage locations are excluded from MRP, a reorder point procedure with maximum lot size is used to trigger transport reservations to fill up the storage location.

MRP areas cover the very same business requirements. Materials with the MRP area-specific MRP type ‘ND’ (no MRP) can be used instead of materials with a storage location excluded from MRP. Materials with the MRP area-specific MRP type ‘VB’ (reorder point planning) can be used instead of materials with separately planned storage locations. The storage location functionality is a subset of the MRP areas capabilities.

The S/4HANA MRP only plans on plant and MRP area level. Planning on storage location level is not available in SAP S/4HANA.

Business Impact

Storage location MRP is not available in SAP S/4HANA. You have to use planning on MRP area level instead.

Required and Recommended Action(s)

  • Execute the related conversion pre-checks. Adaption required depending on the pre-check results
  • Run report MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION if the pre-checks detect that storage location MRP is used
  • Remove and avoid inconsistent customizing and generate the required material master records for planning on MRP area level using the storage location material records

For more details see the PDF attached to the following SAP Note:

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  • Hi, Storage location MRP is not available in SAP S/4HANA. You have to use planning on MRP area level instead. I can see in config we still have the storage location MRP option with all features. Thanks Kishan

  • You are assuming that all customers have MRP Area functionality turned on in ECC.   I have customers who use field MARD-DISKZ that has material numbers in a storage location Excluded from planning while another part number in the same storage location is planned.  And this storage location is assigned to a Warehouse Number.  In Classical WM, a Warehouse Number can only be assigned to one storage location.

    Are customers expected to fix their physical Warehouses for conversion to S/4?  S/4 requiring the use of MRP areas where the MRP defaults its setting (1 or 2) on field MARD-DISKZ because of its MRP Plant/SLoc view are making assumptions that all Material Numbers in that storage location are planned the same.

    I am the A&D Product Owner and just discovered this during S/4 HANA BETA testing with a customer.

  • Hello, Sharing some basic issue for report MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION". I find that this report doesn't have any selection criteria like test run/actual run etc. Apart from this we find one very critical issue report is picking up materials those are already marked for deletion & suggest to create Storage Location MRP area in such cases.

    I am sure this is very common issue for other clients as well, can anyone suggest solution/approach  on how to avoid this.