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Author's profile photo Irmhild Kuntze

How to display the error measure (e.g. MAPE) from Statistical Forecasting message into stored key figure in Planning View

Hi all

Demand Management provides the possibility in the post processing steps to calculate and store a forecast error in a key figure, which is used as decision criteria for best fit models.

You may have seen, that only key figures without time dimension are allowed to be used to store the error value.

This error value is used in the messages only and cannot be used in planning view display, not so easy to find e.g. the last MAPE if you optimized by MASE:


Here is how you can make it visible in the Excel planning views or Analytics with some extra configuration in a calculated key figure:


The default errors in the Unified Plannin g area (UPA) are FORECASTMAPE “Model Fit error: MAPE” (FCSTMAPE in SAP6) and FORECASTMASE “Model Fit error: MASE” (FCSTMASE in SAP6) are stored on level PRODCUSTLOC.

So assuming we run the forecast weekly and want to store the e.g. MAPE every week into the current week.

Than I create stored  keyfigure WKFCSTMAPE and calculated key figure WKFCSTMAPEC on level ZWKPRODLOCCUST.

Via copy operator I copy from the calculated to the stored key figure after a successful statistical forecast run from which I want to keep the MAP.

Via the calculated key figure I can already directly and on the fly see the MAPE value from current forecast run.

I work in UPA, so lowest granularity is days, and my weeks are PERIODID4.

As neither averaging nor summing up an error measure makes any sense, I put a MAX on Request level for the two new key figures. However, this KF is only useful on BPL (base planning level)

Calculation on BPL can than be:



with helper



WKFCSTMAPE is simple stored KF, no formula, filled by copy operator from WKFCSTMAPEC for the one current week



The counter ZCOUNTERWKPRODLOCCUSTC2 always has value 1 on level WKPRODLOCCUST and is only used to break down to weeks


That’s it!

Yours, Irmi

P.S.: As this requires that the error measure is stored on the data base, it will NOT work if you run statistical Forecast in simulation mode.

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      Author's profile photo Vijay Baweja
      Vijay Baweja

      Can you please share the key figure calculation/key figure definition for  KF - ZCOUNTERWKPRODLOCCUSTC2

      Author's profile photo Irmhild Kuntze
      Irmhild Kuntze
      Blog Post Author


      sorry, did not see your reply earlier.

      It just has a constant value of 1 on lowest level. Plus, in the input fields I flagged a stored figure that is on the lowest level.

      In the "old days" that did not work, so I had to somehow sum up all stored key figures on the level, but meanwhile simply a constant and one KF is enough --> see the screenshot

      Author's profile photo Oliver Richter
      Oliver Richter


      this is not clear for me.

      Did you mean, that you have create a stored KF ZCOUNTERWKPRODLOCCUSTC2.

      This KF has a calculation that content a constant value "1!



      Why you need this ?





      Author's profile photo Harshad G Morye
      Harshad G Morye

      Hello Irmhild,

      Excellent blog. I have followed all the steps in the blog. I am now able to show the WKFCSTMAPEC in the planning view. Earlier it was showing in the Statistical Forecast model log.

      "Via copy operator I copy from the calculated to the stored key figure after a successful statistical forecast run from which I want to keep the MAP"


      This part is not working for me. I have created a planning operator and assigned it to my planning area but still it does not copy from WKFCSTMAPEC to WKFCSTMAPE.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Excellent blog but perhaps a bit difficult to understand. I could use this method successfully but without going into trouble of copy operator.

      How can we show the best fit model selected by the forecast profile? Is there a way out?

      Author's profile photo Juancarlos Fernandez
      Juancarlos Fernandez

      Hi Subhojit,

      Can you please say the steps to make it without COPY operator?

      Did you find out how to show the selected model?

      Thank you.


      Juan Carlos