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How to Create Custom Approval Process and Configure it in Cloud Solution

This document contains the information regarding approval process in detailed manner step by step.

Thanks to my colleagues  Atul Malhotra ,Vaibhav Kwatra , Kartik Saini , Jayant Saini as they have helped and contributed in preparation of this document.

Basically there are 3 Steps which covers complete functionality of approval processes in SAP Cloud Studio :-

1. Create the Custom Approval Process in Cloud Studio

2. UI designer work and Screen generation

3. Configure and Test the Approval Process in Cloud Solution

Step 1: Create the Custom Approval Process

  • Go to SAP cloud studio and create a Business Object and enter elements as shown in below screenshot :
  • Save and Activate‘ BO.


  • Right click on BO and select Create Approval Process as shown above, Approval Wizard opens showing task types – Approval, Notification, Revision. Select Notification Check box and Click Next as shown in below Screenshot.


  • Here we need to define the tasks and texts for the Approvals or Rejections, Also we can add parameters to show element from Custom BO in the texts as shown in below screenshot


  • On Clicking Add Parameter a window opens,give the parameter name as “Request” and click on 3 dot button to bind it to the BO element as shown below


  • Click ‘OK‘ on Parameter window then Approval task will be shown as in below screenshot :


  • Do the same activity for Approval notification and Revision notification as show in below screenshot:



  • Click on Next ,we move to next step of task assignment where we decide the responsible person for the different task types , here give the task type and bind it to the responsible person defined in BO as shown in below screenshot:


  • here we have two level of approvals “Manager” and “Account Manager” and “Requestor” will get the notifications so binding will be done as shown in below table :

Task Type Description BO element
Approval Manager Approval Root.Manager
Notification Requestor Notification Root.Requestor
Approval Account Manager Approval Root.AccountManager

  • Task Assignment in Approval Wizard will look like in below screenshot  : 


  • Click ‘Next‘ , in this step we select BO elements which will be used in Cloud Solution to specify Conditions (to be shown later in step 3) Select BO element as shown in below screenshot


  • Now Click ‘Next‘ and Review all the steps then Click on ‘Finish‘.
  • Activate the ‘Approval process’ and Right click the solution to Deploy Business Configuration , it may take some time to appear Approval Process in SAP Cloud Solution due to background processes.

Step 2 : UI designer and Screen generation

  • Right Click the BO and select ‘Create Screen’ and give a ‘Short ID’ as shown in below screenshot :


  • Click ‘Ok‘,all screens are generated now open ApprovalWork_WCView.WCVIEW.uiwocview in UI designer and goto Properties > RBAM Data > AssignedObject.
  • Click AssignedObject, a wizard opens to add Objects as shown in below screenshot:


  • Click Add Row and Select AssignedObjectType as TaskListView and bind ComponentId to ApprovalWork-Root-APP1-Approval ( go to [solutionname_Main > SRC]) as shown in below screenshot:


  • Perform same activity to bind another ComponentId – ApprovalWork-Root-APP1-notification.
  • Now add two more rows then select AssignedObjectType for both as Navigation Target and bind ComponentId to ApprovalWork-Root-APP1_NotificationUI and ApprovalWork-Root-APP1 as shown in below screenshot :


  • Click ‘Ok‘, Save and Activate WCView UI.

Step 3: Configuration and Testing Approval Process

  • Go to Approval Processes under Application and User Management tab in Cloud Solution.
  • Search for ApprovalWork and click Go , ‘Default process for ApprovalWork’ appears in Cloud Solution as shown in below screenshot:


  • Select Default Process and Click Copy , here give Process Step name – Manager Approval and select the same under Work Distribution.
  • Also specify the Conditions below as shown in screenshot :


  • For Condition , Click Add Group then select parameter (price or discount as specified during approval creation) and then give the Condition set price >= 5000 INR and discount >= 10% for Manager Approval as shown in below screenshots:


  • Now Add Row under Process Steps and give Step Name – Account Manager Approval and select the same under Work Distribution , perform same activity as for Manager Approval Step.
  • Give condition for Account Manager price >= 50000 INR as shown in below screenshot:


  • Click ‘Ok‘ , two steps are added successfully Save and close the screen. Now go back to Default Approval Process for ApprovalWork and Click Edit Validity.
  • Set here Unlimited Validity of the Copied Approval Process as shown in below screenshot :


  • Once From Date starts Status will be changed to ‘Active‘ of copied process.
  • Click ‘Check‘ then Save and Close.
  • Now Approval Process Configuration is complete , for testing assign the Work Center to your solution.
  • Open ApprovalWork in Cloud Solution and Click ‘New‘ button as show in below screenshot :


  • Fill the appropriate details Click SubmitForApproval_APP1 as shown in below screenshot :


  • Approval status is changed to ‘In Approval‘ then Click ‘Save‘ as shown in below screenshot:


  • Click over notification we move to new screen there click on ‘Approve_App1‘ button as shown in below screenshot :


  • Close this screen go back OWL screen and Click Edit Object with request ID 1000 , there status will be changed to ‘Approved‘ as shown in below screenshot


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  • Hi Deepak,

    Nice Document. I am trying to replicate the same. All was fine till i completed steps 1 and 2.

    I am trying to find the BO in Approval Process under user management. But no values returned. Please let me know if am missing something.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Indra,

      Just check u have done everything mentioned in step 1 and 2 .. šŸ™‚

      Sometimes it takes time to appear there, just deploy business configuration again in studio and log off Cloud solution then log in again after sometime.. it must appear.



  • Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for this very useful post. One question I have is if the screens have already been generated (OWL and TI) prior to the approval process being created, then is it possible to generate the specific approval process screens? If I try and create the screens as above, then it tries to overwrite the existing screens and I already have 2 OWL's assigned the the work center so need another one for the approval tasks.



    • Hi Sam,

      Sorry for the late reply, I think there will be no issue in creating approval process after screen generation. I am not able to understand last part of your problem ..could you please elaborate it?


  • Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for nice documentation.

    We use SAP ByDesign and would like to know about below unique requirement.

    We want to control product/serviceĀ master data create & changeĀ  and supplier master data create and change via Approval ...

    I think SAP byDesign do not have any out of box approval for master data create and change .

    Is it possible to create custom approval process on Product /Service and Supplier.... unless Approved Product/Service and Supplier is not available for use in Business Transaction and unless Change approved.. Changes are not reflected in Master Data .

    Please confirm this requirement can be meet using Custom Approval process implementation.

    Rakesh Mourya.

    • Hi Rakesh,

      Sorry for the late response,
      As far as I know custom approval process is created corresponding to a custom business object.

      I haven't worked on SAP byDesign but in SAP cloud studio to create approval for product/Service and Supplier,custom BO need to be defined first. I don't know here Product/Service and Supplier are custom or standard we cannot create Custom approval process for standard BO.


  • Hi Deepak,


    I am struggling with the TaskListViews. They will simply not show up in the UI also my approval task is not shown in the WoCView 'Approvals'. But I also verfied that it is actually generated. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?



  • Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for the Nice Document,

    Ā Can you let me know why can't I see the notification link to approve and what could be the reason for the below error?



    Thanks & Regards,


    • Hi Senz,

      Do you able to resolve the issue?

      As per I know approval process action cannot be used as standard BO action, If you do so above error will be popup which is kind restriction for custom approval process in earlier days. I am not quite sure about overcome unfortunately


      Naveen Kumar N

  • Hi,

    I have a question is this approval workflow possible to use with the standard BO ServiceRequest(Tickets)?I mean that if i can approve the Tickets using this custom approval workflow?