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Focused Insights: How to build an OCC Dashboard (Part 1)

OCC Dashboard


Operation Control Center Dashboard of SAP Focused Insights provides a direct access to key metrics stored inside SAP Solution Manager. It’s primarily intended for IT and business experts who need to build quickly detailed views for in depth analysis.

OCC Dashboard is flexible and easy to use, it offers a single web interface to administrate, configure and display your dashboard instances. Dashboard instances and gadgets can be published as a web URL.

Several data providers help to access data sources on different time periods and different resolutions. You can filter and merge various metrics on the same chart while the look and feel can easily be changed with few clicks.

In the following we’ll describe step by step how to create a dashboard instance and configure a gadget to monitor the average response time of an Abap system.


  • Logon to the OCC dashboard
  • Create a new dashboard “Demo Focused Insights” with 1 row and 2 columns in folder “Demo”


  • Apply your changes and save
  • Edit the first gadget



  • Enter gadget’s title: “ERP dialog response time”
  • Select data provider “/STDF/DP_SYSMON”
  • Select a system identifier (SID)
  • Select metric name “DIALOG_RESPONSE_TIME”
  • Select method “AVG”
  • Press button “Add query”
  • Enter legend “Avg. RT” for the query


  • Apply the changes, save and check the chart


  • Edit again the dashboard and the first gadget
  • Select data provider “/STDF/DP_SYSMON”
  • Select system identifier (SID)
  • Select metric name “DIALOG_RESPONSE_TIME”
  • Select method: “AVG”
  • Select tab “Metric Type/Hour/Weekday”
  • Select business hours: 08, 09, 10 …., 17, 18
  • Press button “Add query”


  • Enter legend for the query (BH stands for Business Hours) “Avg. RT (BH)”
  • Select top tab “More Settings”


  • Select time range “Last 12 Days”
  • Enter resolution “Day”
  • Apply time range


  • Enter Y unit: “Milliseconds”
  • Apply changes


  • Save and check the chart.

You can now compare on the same chart, for the last 12 days, the daily average response time of the system and the average response time of the system during the business hours.



Part 2 of this blog is available here: Focused Insights: How to build an OCC Dashboard (Part 2)


Focused Insights (

Focused solutions for SAP Solution Manager, is the extension concept for SAP Solution Manager, with the idea of helping our customers meet their particular innovation needs on an individual basis, without the need for homegrown software or partner solutions.


The goal of Focused Insights is to build and distribute powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience.

The content delivered with Focused Insights has been designed to deliver, in real time, the most relevant and valuable information to the right people. While it provides full transparency of information stored inside SAP Solution Manager, it also takes into account the best practices and experience gained during numerous custom projects, offering a set of prepackaged dashboards tailored to your needs.

SAP Focused Insights offers specialized dashboards for experts as well as management or non-technical users. Whether they address the CIO or an expert, dashboards remain consistent among each other since they rely on the same data sources mixed up and presented in different granularities or aggregation levels

Focused Insights comes with a rich content. It fully exploits the huge amount of data stored inside SAP Solution Manager. Metrics produced by the activation of a scenario, whether it is IT or business related, become immediately available to the prepackaged dashboards. Raw metrics can be grouped or combined to produce advanced metrics and high level KPIs.

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  • Hi

    We have a PI system and we have setup the  technical monitoring - Integration monitoring - process Integration - Message Flow for the PI system in solution manager.

    I am trying to find how to monitor this in the OCC Dashboard, I want to monitor a specific channel/interface or a Flow Name on alert or x number messages over time.

    I have found how to do it in Operation Panel but there its more like yes its working now, no its not working now, not a nice graph over time.

    Is this possible?

    Regards Ulf Lundqvist

  • Hello Ulf,

    Next Focused Insights service pack for Solution Manager 7.2 (ST-OST 200 SP1) will contain a data provider dedicated to Interface Channel Monitoring scenario.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Cyril,


    We have a Focused insight dashboard configured in Solution Manager.

    But when I try to access the Admin DAshboard Center page using the below URL

    https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/stdf/dv/admin.html  , it redirects me to a different URL of

    Dashboard  https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/stdf/dv/dashboards.html


    I am unable to figure out where this redirect is set ?  Could you please help where are these settings done for URL Redirect for Focused insight Dashboards ?

    There are no icm redirect parameters set as such in the profile files of my Solution Manager.




  • Hi Manish,

    Thanks for your question. Can you please check the authorisations of your user? In OCC administration page, you can use config key USERS.ADMIN to list users with administration authorisations (coma separated list). See also OCC Configuration Guide.



    • Hello Siva,

      OCC Dashboard comes with SAP Focused Insights which is delivered as an add-on for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.2. Minimum version for SAP Solution Manager is 7.1 SP13.

      SAP Focused Insights add-on is available on SAP Store. Please check this address:

      Customers with embedded support (e.g. Max Attention), can get the license by ordering service SAP ESRV OCC Reporting. For more detail on this delivery channel, please check with your TQM / EA.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Cyril

    Can you confirm ,  somebody from sap advised that you need the focus run solution to be able to use focused insights , is this correct ?

    To me it seems from what i am reading above and note  : 2392728 Central note for focused insights ST-OST 200 ,  that you can have the add one ST-OST 200 on solman 7.2 as a functionality for better reporting with a extra licence fee ...

    Hope you can clear this for me


  • Hello Carla,

    You don't need Focused Run to use Focused Insights, both solutions are independent. You need ST-OST 200 on your Solution Manager 7.2 or  ST-OST 100 on your Solution Manager 7.1. License is available from SAP Store. Premium customers can also request it as a service.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Cyril,

    While trying to configure the OCC Dashboards, we are getting " Business Server page Error" for the url http://<solmanhost>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/webdynpro/stdf/dv/dashborad.html . When I check the service in SICF, not bale to find dashborad.html  under sap/bc/bsp/webdynpro/stdf/dv.

    Kindly advice.



  • Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for the blog, I have gone through the FI installation guide and applied ST-OST SP01 add on in solution manager 7.2 SPS5 and applied required notes. Followed guided procedure and completed all the steps.

    As per the blog I have created the dashboard and added the tiles to that dashboard and saved the same. Here my first concern is When I refresh the dashboard tiles were getting disappeared.

    Next time, when I open the dashboard URL and selecting the dashboard no tiles were appearing on the page and it is displaying the "EDIT" button. Looks like again I need to create new dashboard but no use I am facing the same issue multiple dashboards were getting created on the page.

    Attached the screenshots for your reference. Could you please look into this and any help would be appreciated.



    • Hello Sandeep,

      Thank you for your comments and interest in Focused Insights. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem using dashboards; You can open a message on the SV-SMG-OST component to get some support. A connection to your Solution Manager may be required for troubleshooting.

      Best regards,



  • Hi Cyril,


    from where can I get complete list of metric available under each data provider? for e.g. /STDF/DP_SYSMON has ABAP_INST_SHORTDUMPS, ABAP_SYS_FAILED_TRANSPORTS etc? so is there any online document available to get list of all available metrics?

    Also for business process analytics using KPIs published under KPI catalogue, what steps needs to be taken to enable data providers such as /STDF/DP_BPA? I am not getting any output if I try to use it.




  • Hello Chandra,


    What's available from FI data providers depends on what's configured on Solution Manager.

    For /STDF/DP_SYSMON, the list of metrics correspond to the MAI Templates applied on the systems.

    OCC data provider /STDF/BPA reads data from BPA panels configured (see BPO Dashboards documentation and OCC Dashboard User Guide, chapter 4.5). Remark: you can also use data provider /STDF/DP_BPA_KPI to read directly BPA key figures configured.


    Best regards,