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When you register a new SCN account you are required to enter ZIP/Postal Code

The ZIP/Postal code should match the Country and address that you fill in.

Normally you can find all ZIP/Postal Codes here:

But some countries do not use ZIP/Postal codes.

For example: Bolivia

For such countries, you can complete the registration if you enter any 4 digits in the ZIP/Postal Code field.

i.e. ZIP/Postal Code: “1111”

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  1. David Cockrell
    Post author

    For Panama please use any 6 digit ZIP/Postal code (i.e. “111111”)

    (I guess that this needs to be fixed on our side to align with the wikipedia page)

    1. David Cockrell
      Post author

      For Greece, notice in the link above NNN NN – thus three digits, space, two digits


      zip code: 55102 – will not work

      zip code: 551 02 – will work


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