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#SAPPHIRENOW HANA Cloud Platform Takeaways

Compressing the key HCP moments that happened at #SAPPHIRENOW 2016.

See the pre-blog on HCP session highlights.


Cloud Foundry services on SAP HANA Cloud Platform go live in BETA (full blog)
Key Points of BETA release :

Takeaway : HCP is becoming a much more open platform.

Photo by Marc Geall

Highlights include :

  • Cloud Foundry + HCP panel
    • Partners included Apigee, Mindtouch and Salesforce
    • Q&A – Q: How do you pick the right PaaS as an ISV? A: While PaaS players have virtually similar core services, HCP’s strength lies in business applications.
  • S/4HANA + HCP keynote
  • Apple + SAP Partnership keynote
    • HCP business apps to be built in a dedicated lab at Apple HQ
    • Necessary tools will include Fiori for iOS as the design language, Swift as the programming language, and Xcode as the development environment
  • Pinnacle Awards include 2 partners building applications on HCP
    • OrgInsight by Macromicro wins Application Development Partner of the Year
    • 77 new mobile apps by Innovapptive wins Platform Co-Innovation Partner of the Year

Photo by Marc Geall

Photo by Jenny Lundberg

  • “SAP HANA Cloud Portal” becomes “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service”
  • New SAP and Microsoft partnership to use Microsoft Intune as alternate MDM for mobile apps built on HCP further opening the platform (full blog)
Showcased Enterprise Use Cases

Photo by Jenny Lundberg

MIT using Fiori on HCP

Photo by Filip Misovski

Smart Utility Systems w/ SCM

Photo by Roisin Monaghan   

HCP Iot Services + HP gateway

Photo by Lakshmi Narasimhan

  • Prakash Darji – SAP SVP & GM of PaaS
    • Previously the world was decoupled around the horizontal stack, I’d love to get to the point where a user doesn’t need to know what system they are working with…most of the development HCP is doing leverages the open source technologies like everybody else but our value-add is providing business APIs and security models in a single way – that’s modernzing
    • And it’s not just about experience but analytics as well
    • Everyone’s kind of doing the same thing…we look to create the ability to ease the integration and modernization workload and allow you to “build new” leveraging existing skillsets…we’re saying how can we take the application IP and make it available in a decomposed way
    • In summary, HCP provides a full-stack PaaS from database services to even design services that customers and partners can use to build & modernize

Prakash Darji on theCUBE


Photo by Filip Misovski

SAP HANA Cloud Platform to release new features and capabilities (full blog)
Key Points include :

  • New services in HCP Cockpit :
    • “SAP API Business Hub” service
      • New Fiori-based UX
      • Browse, subscribe and obtain keys to enhanced batch of API
    • “HCP, Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services” service
      • Currently in BETA
      • New services include :
        • MongoDB, Redis and PostgreSQL as DBaaS layer
        • RabbitMQ as messaging broker
        • Node.js runtime
  • New LoB and mobile apps from partners – examples:
  • Updates to SAP HANA App Center : improved navigation/sorting + self-publish app capability
    • Self-publish provides partners a self-service submit process to get applicaitons on the site
  • SAP Store to offer user-based packages available for digital purchase
    • A pivot from resource-based packages


Photo by Ben Christensen

Showcased Enterprise Use Cases

Nestle’s scaling needs

Photo by Alex Atzberger

  • Jenny Lundberg – Senior Director of Product Management for HANA Cloud Platform – provides an overview of HCP and discusses future direction for the platform.
  • Pat Bakey – President of SAP Industry Cloud
    • We’re in a world of massive innovation and this is why you hear executives talking about the HANA Cloud Platform…we need to enable a massive ecosystem to innovate and extend and that’s where HCP comes into play
    • On the Apple partnership : We see the developer community as a critical part for the source of innovation…it’s the SDK and HCP that will bring together the 2.5 million SAP developers and 12 million iOS developers to redefine this new development environment, Swift, and build the best of breed enterprise applications
  • Irfan Khan – SAP SVP & GM of Database and Data Management
    • HANA is the system of record for applications, HCP provides opportunities to extend those applications
    • HCP is a significant ecosystem enabler…it is the defintiive platform for the Apple partnership
  • Marc Geall – SAP SVP & GM Platform Partner Ecosystem
    • Partners are driving business models with HCP
    • Platform makes the content available to other ecosystem partners
    • HCP is more than a developer cloud, the crux of HCP is content access
    • Coming up through 2016 : push webinars for IoT, run programs for SuccessFactors and increase focus on S/4HANA
  • Roger Quinlan – SAP SVP of Partner Managed Cloud Business
    • HCP provides the velocity that partners need to keep up with the rapid growth that “digital transformation” enables

Pat Bakey on theCUBE

Marc Geall on theCUBE

Hasso Plattner’s Keynote
  • Any piece of software and all the new apps can be mixed and matched
  • Everybody knows that on-premise is going to the cloud…it’s simply a superior model so SAP will make this transition no matter what
  • We predict that will be close to 0% downtime this year
  • With HCP we have built new apps not just for SAP but for everyone including Digital Boardroom, Knowledge Workspace, Financial Statement Insights + RealSpend (mentioned in section below), etc…
Showcased Enterprise Use Cases

S/4HANA Extensibility

Amazon Web Services

  • Dan Lahl – SAP Vice President of HCP Product Marketing
    • With the addition of Cloud Foundry  on HCP – any programmer under 30 we can now appraoch, they don’t have to know German programming!
    • We not only expose data but processes as well via the API Business Hub
    • On the Apple partnership : The bulk of mobile devices in the enterprise are Apple devices…now developers can get to these enterprise applications without going through the backend systems
    • IBM is moving their 100+ apps to HCP
    • Our hope is that Vora will be a service on HCP
    • Focus of upcoming year on Cloud Foundry and the new applications
  • Uddhav Gupta – SAP Global VP of PaaS
    • We are agnostic in terms of hardware/infrastructure, the roadmap is to partner with a number of infrastructure providers like Amazon and Azure, deploy our software on Cloud Foundry, enable it on OpenStack, and turn infrastructure providers into suppliers to create a business PaaS layer concentrated on the mechanics
    • Our priorities this year are to get a whole lot of developers on HCP through our openSAP courses

Dan Lahl on theCUBE

Uddhav Gupta on theCUBE

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