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IDOC error – 00255 Function code cannot be selected (BRTAX).


For those who use the IDOC you may face the error 00255 because of ok code ‘BRTAX’.

Now it is easy to correct this issue.

This error can happen in lots of scenarios and and the most common are the ones listed below:

  • IDOC creation in BD87 or WE19.
  • XK99 mass update
  • Missing Brazilian fields in view J_1BVEND_SCFSELV.
  • Vendor creation via PRAA.
  • Vendor creation/change in XK01/XK02

To correct this issue and other issues related to IDOC creation that involves Brazilian vendor or brazilian company code you will need to implement the below notes:

2635967 – Brazilian Specific Data for Vendor Not Updated When There Are More Than One Brazilian Company Code in IDoc and XK99 Transactions

2401269 – IDoc and XK99: “Invalid Date” Message Raised During Processing of Brazilian Specific Fields

2287001 – IDoc: Messagem 00255 is raised during Vendor Creation or Update due BRTAX OK-CODE

2303397 – Brazilian Specific Fields for Vendor – Adjustments for IDoc Processing, XK99 and XK01 Transactions

2401269 – IDoc and XK99: “Invalid Date” Message Raised During Processing of Brazilian Specific Fields

After applying these notes, if any issue or error remains, you must confirm if the Brazilian fields are listed in view J_1BVEND_SCFSELV.

If this view is empty then you skipped the post manual steps of note 1954377 – Field selection for Brazilian fields.

Additional Info:

KBA: 2205000 – How to enable Mass Maintainance of Brazil Master Data fields

WIKIBrazil Tax Data button now showing

Link for Portuguese article here.




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  • Hi Patricia,

    I had the same issue for Brazil Vendors.

    I have added Brazilian fields in view J_1BVEND_SCFSELV.

    Then I implemented SAP Note 2287001. But I did not do the manual post-implementation step of this note. Still the issue got fixed!

    The post-implementation step contains deletion of a standard SAP Function Group, which I think is risky.

    I am not sure how it is going to effect. Please advise.




    • Hello Swati,

      This function group can be deleted because it is no longer used.

      The IDOC solution to be used for vendor creation involving BR fields, changed a lot, as you can see several notes were created.

      The solution we have in place right now does not used this FG. that the note asks you to delete.