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Cliffs Notes – End User SCN Functionality Compare

Most of the regular users (I assume) will be looking for a quick reference guide as to what’s different between SCN and the new SCN (aka 1DX). In a similar approach to understanding Tags, I’ve tried to put together a summary and links to the various announcements. Again, I thought this might be an easy central place to validate our understandings. As well as this, I can imagine post-go live having these types of questions asked and perhaps a good input to FAQ

Document is open for anyone to add comments/edit

16/May – My Profile, Questions & Answers and a touched on a bit of Documents/Archive

16-May: Narrowed tables to fit into the old site style. /jim



My Profile/Account Overview

1dX URL: Former Member Username and User Id will appear

Where can I see last logged on date?

Via profile (privacy settings can hide from other users)

Unable to see – confirm with 1DX team

Where can I change my password?

Via your profile > Bio > Actions > Change password

Former Member > Password > Edit

Can I change my email?

Redirects to

No change

What is the URL for my account?

  1.<user id>

Former Member<userId>

Where do I see my content (blogs, documents, questions)

Your account > Content Tab and filter for type

Former Member > Manage your newsletters – redirects you to

more subscriptions available in central place

Communication with SAP (how can SAP contact you)

Former Member > Communication Settings. Set whether or not SAP can communicate with you via email and/or phone

Can I download vCard?

Yes via your profile > Bio > Actions > Download vCard

Unable to see – confirm with 1DX team

Can I set status update?


No – no personal status updates and ability for people to respond exists in 1DX.


My Bookmarks

Your account /bookmarks – shows blogs, documents, discussions, polls and status updates

View my connections

Your account /connection – able to filter on who you Follow versus Who Follows you. Summary of connections displayed against your profile overview

Unable to see – confirm with 1DX team where this will appear as it has been discussed previously

View my content

Your account /content

Former Member for all questions regardless of primary tags


1DX URL: (not the only item)




Can I create a document?

Yes under the specific space

No – documents will no longer be support

Where can I see documents created in SCN?

SCN relevant space or against author’s content

Find migrated blogs

where XXXX is the Document number

same document number from SCN

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