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SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP03 – Health Check

In my previous article, you saw that a few SAP notes were implemented via SNOTE.

In this blog, I will show what happened in the Health Check feature.

Health Check, round 2, fight!

When I accessed the Health Check after all the notes were implemented, I still could find a few yellow and red traffic lights:

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 05.jpg

The yellow traffic lights were not a concern for the time being. I decided to focus on eliminating all remaining red traffic lights.

Fortunately, the solution for the red alert was running a report:

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 06.jpg


I just unchecked the item and executed:

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 07.jpg

The resulting list can be saved:

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 08.jpg

After that, all I have left in the Health Check were a few yellow traffic lights: memory management and enabling a UI5 node to have Personas 3.0 enabled for Web Dynpro ABAP:

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 09.jpg

Once I tuned the memory settings and fixed the issues related to the UI5 node in SICF, and clicked on the “Personas Notes Checker” feature: all green!

Personas 3.0 SP03 - ADMIN 10.jpg

Additional information

Some important SAP notes (SP03 related):

2295995 – SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP03: Released Notes Information

2295996 – SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP03: Update of Client Sources Files

Other important notes:

2252031 – SAP Screen Personas 3.0 : Kernel Recommendations

2098894 – SAP Kernel 7.42 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast

2050838 – SAP Screen Personas – Limitations/Restrictions/Behavior

Please also visit the Personas Wiki page.

Now, if you want to see what the new SP03 brought to create flavors, then you must look this Productivity Power Play video.

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  • Cris, I'm surprised about the em/global_area_MB and remaining memory items in your screen shots. I have never seen them empty like that, and this should not happen. It appears the health check was not able to read those parameters. I'd like to investigate the reason for this.

    • Hi Tamas,

      No need for investigation and apologies for give you the wrong impression. I redacted the memory settings, the kernel version and patch level and the SAP_BASIS information. It is just to tell that the blog applies to all supported kernels (7.22, 7.42 and 7.45) and SAP_BASIS (7.0x, 7.31, 7.40 and 7.50).



  • Hi, I wanted to ask how to fix Personas Object editing - Editing of Personas objects transported from other clients or systems is allowed - yellow light?



    • Hi Diana,

      This may be the intended behavior in that client, so not sure if it needs "fixing" - but please see note 2273808 about controlling this function.

  • /
  • Hi Emmanuel,

    You need to edit the node /default_host/sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5 via SICF. Then set the Compression to "Yes" in the dropdown box.




  • Hi Chris,

    We on SP04 and  we have faced two red mark in System status. We have already applied snotes found by Personas Notes Checker but the errors still be there.



    How can we get rid of those errors?

    Thanks very much,



  • Olá Cristiano!

    Muito detalhado seu material, parabéns!
    Instalei a versão SP04 do ScreenPersonas, e estou com um erro no report /PERSONAS/TEST_PREPARARION:

    Quando eu executo via SA38, recebo um erro:

    Pelo SAP Notes Checker, não há nenhuma nota a ser baixada, e não encontro referencia nenhuma sobre essa função... Você tem alguma ideia que possa me ajudar?