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Dear All,

              With this blog I would like to share the learning I had with the SLT configuration with Single source and multiple controller systems

SLT Replication Server Version details:

          SLT NW 731 SP5 – DMIS 2011_731 SP5 on Oracle Database

          HANA Revision: 74.04

SAP LT Replication server – Conflicting Objects

    In certain scenario there can be a case where in the data is required from one particular source system in same or different HANA databases using different controller systems (SLT replication servers).

Due to multiple Replication servers and only one source system, conflict between objects such as triggers, logging tables, synonyms and run time objects created by two separate SLT servers can occur.

The only reason for these conflict is the number ranges defined in the SLT system, the number range for SLT replication server is defined in 3 sections; as follows


          This is the number range used during the generation of the runtime objects (function modules) which are called or created during replication startup for          a particular application table


          This Number range used during the generation of the Triggers and the logging tables


          This Number range used during the generation of the synonyms


    To avoid such situations we need to update the above mentioned number ranges to one of the Controller system so that the conflicts can be avoided.

These changes are required to be done before creating any new configuration.

Ensure that these changes are applied before initiating or executing any data transfer activities from the central system on the connected SAP source system(s) – otherwise previously generated objects in the source or target system might become corrupted.

To change the number ranges in each additional central system, proceed as follows:

  • Enter transaction SNRO in each subsequent central system.
  • Change the default number range intervals for the following objects:
    1. DMC_FMID (<15 digits>): Number used in name of generated runtime object (function module)
      For example starting with:
      – 000030000000000 in 2nd control system
      – 000050000000000 in 3rd control system, etc.
    2. IUUC_SHDW (<7 digits>): Number for trigger and logging table
      For example starting with:
      – 3000000 for 2nd control system
      – 5000000 for 3rd control system

          Note: the number range object IUUC_SHDW allows numbers with 8 digits. However, since some scenarios overwrite the first digit when creating object          identifiers, you must use only 7 digits when defining the number range intervals.

  • Only relevant for SAP LT Replication Server:
    1. IUUC_TABID (<11 digits>): Number of synonyms for 1:N replication – used by SAP LT replication server only!
            For example starting with:
            – 30000000000 for 2nd control system
            – 50000000000 for 3rd control system

References :

Do share your feedback or questions in case any.

Thanks and Regards

Amar Ghuge.

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