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What’s New Design Studio Feature Pack ASUG Webcast Summary

What’s New Design Studio Feature Pack ASUG Webcast Summary

This was an ASUG webcast provided by SAP yesterday


Source: SAP

As usual, the legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.


Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows what is planned for SP2

SP2 delivers new features so it is called Feature Pack.

Features shown in Figure 1 include resizable movable components, dropdown boxes as text element, and dialog as container components to use for application building

InfoCharts were introduced in release 1.6 as a new chart component.  Now you have two chart components – 1 standard, other InfoChart. InfoChart is strategic, UI5, more features than standard and SAP will put more investment on InfoChart with more features planned in 1.6 including display scaling factors and new waterfall chart

Standard chart has conditional formatting – is not possible with InfoChart, only with Standard Chart

Everything else is available in InfoChart; if start with a new project, start with Infochart

Ad hoc currency conversion will provide an API, open currency conversion dialog.  You can add an API as additional entry in Context Menu, same behavior as BEx Web – only support with BW as backend. If have Universe or HANA as backend won’t work


Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows the New dialog component

Define buttons on dialog filter

Resizable and movable dialog component

This is a container component, define what you want to see


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the new waterfall chart and shows the scaling factor on the charts


Figure 4: Source: SAP

In BW, with a right mouse click, you can have a defined currency conversion type, and now this functionality is possible in Design Studio – with this API you can open a dialog to do currency conversion

You can add it to the context menu.  It is available in the Ready-to-Run template

This is only available for BW backend.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

BW customers know this; this is the compacted display of hierarchy

You put dimensions to display as a hierarchical tree

This feature is only supported with BW

This is  available as a context menu.

For HANA/Universe this will be greyed out


Figure 6: Source: SAP

The filter bar, shown in Figure 6, is a new component

This is based on Fiori

You can hide or show the filter bar


Figure 7: Source: SAP

Switch, progress indicator, link, all are available in the Fiori UI5 main library

Link is available to open http link in another window

Progress indicator is bound to back end

Segmented button – define text and different interactions

In 1.6 introduced this library.

Strategic direction is the Fiori library

Fiori library is more oriented in look and feel; embed later in Fiori Launchpad

You can migrate to Fiori Library in 1.6; expect adjustment in CSS.

Out of the box, the comment feature is not available.  For a prototype, you can try the multi-line text in the Text Area using the bookmark feature.  This is basic commentary; commentary is on the roadmap


Figure 8: Source: SAP

Initial view editor, able to add dynamic calculations (today at runtime with context menu) with SP2 you can do this at design time

Also on lower right of Figure 8 shows you at design time, you can rearrange the components (which can be lengthy) into icons

Demo 1.6 SP2


Source: SAP (Demo)

This is a CFO dashboard demo of Design Studio 1.6 SP2, oriented with Fiori look and feel and color as background

In SP2 see spreadsheet bug fix improvements including context menu improvements, to be similar to the crosstab


Figure 9: Source: SAP

Roadmap – because 1.6 SP2 is not yet delivered, it is shown in planned innovation in Figure 9

Future direction is Q4 and beyond

Release for Q4 2016 – priority 1 is componentization and reusable custom components at design time and reference in other applications

If you want to change something, only change once in central component

Other priority is to rework bookmark for application changes

Interop with Lumira is a priority


Next part of this, please see SAP Lumira Roadmap Update | SCN

Also from last week’s SAP Insider Q&A:

Q: Is it true, that Lumira and Design Studio will be merged in one Tool in the roadmap? If yes when?

A: SAP: Yes, it’s true. We were looking into interop between Design Studio and Lumira and discovered we can go further and converge the code base. There will still be 2 experiences – one for business analysts and one for designers/developers but a single code base means full interoperability and the ability for an analyst to hand a story over to a developer who can polish it up and put it into production at scale.


Figure 11: Source: SAP

Figure 11 shows one product, 2 clients

Lumira Studio is Design Studio

Lumira Desktop is Lumira Desktop today

Common technology is BI server add-on

Enable “seamless interop” between two clients

Business user starts with Lumira and build beautiful story, using CSV, for self-service scenario and in future import Lumira stories into Lumira Studio.  IT person adds scripting, CSS, global functions and publish enterprise wide as a corporate dashboard

In another scenario, you can create own view based on corporate application you can create your own view, from Lumira (Design) Studio, go to import Lumira Studio into Lumira Desktop to can create personalized apps


Figure 12: Source: SAP

Figure 12 shows the benefits of this

When should you use Lumira? When use Design Studio?  It has been difficult with some overlap.  SAP will bring this together to combine strengths of clients, unify data access layers

Lumira has prepare room for data mashup, which Design Studio needs

One product, 2 clients with one server add-on

You can import one document to another tool

GA is planned for Q1/2017


Figure 13: Source: SAP

Two capabilities that are being planned to deliver Q4 (rampup) GA is planned next year

User defined components to reduce maintenance within design time, create own components such as KPI tile, add a text element, chart, save in categories on

BI platform, then this component can be used in any other application.  Only need to change component once and reuse it

What is the difference between SDK component and this user defined component?  For SDK need JavaScript program in the Eclipse environment; user define component is available design time using drag and drop.


Figure 14: Source: SAP

This is one of the planned priorities for Q4 2016

SAP has heard that current bookmark has limitations especially if UI changes

Bookmark will be a technical component – choose component which to bookmark

In case you want to add another drop down box the bookmark will still be valid

Question and Answer

Note: Licensing questions are still not finalized

Q: There was a bit of lag when showing the main/fiori library. Was SAPUI5 the main/fiori, or was it SAPUI5 m?

A: Fiori is SAPUI5 m on the right.

Q: When will 1.6 SP2 go GA?

A: In June, 3 weeks (planned)

Q: Are you saying that Lumira and Design Studio will become a single product offering?

A: One product, two clients

Q: when refering to CSV as data source.. is this feature usable on the BI platform or only as local file? (CSV/xls loaded on BOBJ)

A: Today it is only available locally (CSV)

Q: when using Universe as source, what is the limit of cells retrieved? any enhancement on that from 1.6 SP1?

A: Today it is 20K – no listed changes for that in SP2

We’ll learn more next week at ASUG Annual Conference

ASUG Annual Conference Design Studio Sessions (next week)




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