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Undeploy SAPMELEGACY or MII_BUILDT components can be tricky

Hi Folks,


I have some more features to share with you that I have recently learnt from my colleagues from development department. It is about SAPMELEGACY and MII_BUILDT components. In some cases you may realize that these components are not needed in the system anymore and you want to undeploy them… but how? These software components do not have development components



and thus usual undeploy command from telnet console does not work for them:

Undeploy empty.png


Not deployed.png


Looks like it is possible to ‘hide’ these components by deleting corresponding records from Netweaver’s BC_COMPVERS table. For instance:

delete from BC_COMPVERS where scname = ‘MII_BUILDT’;

delete from BC_COMPVERS where scname = ‘SAPMELEGACY’;


Then you won’t find these components under nwa/sysinfo page. However, it does not remove them completely and the correct operation for this via telnet console is rather:


undeploy_empty_sca name=SAPMELEGACY

undeploy_empty_sca name=MII_BUILDT




I hope this blog saves your times if you face the need to undeploy these components some day. Should you know better way to do it, please, comment 😉




Br, Alex.

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