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Netting Scenario – How to Clear Payable/Receivable When the Business Partner is Both Supplier and Customer

Hi All,

The Document provides details on how to clear payable items against the receivable items if the Business Partner is both Supplier & Customer.

We have provided with step-by-step screenshots to acheive the Netting Scenario in SAP Business ByDesign System and this feature is available from 1605 release.

Step 1: Under Scoping Element  -> Cash Flow Management -> Payment and Clearing


Step 2: If you have not yet defined a business partner having both roles as Supplier & Customer then


Select the business partner, create as < supplier > after the supplier is created, repeat the steps to create it as < customer > by click on Account.

Step 3:


you can now see that customer & supplier are created and sharing same Account IDs

Step 4: To show an example, find the below invoices posted to show open amounts in both the accounts


Step 5:  < Clearing > / < Netting > against supplier & customer invoice

Now, either from the customer account monitor or supplier account monitor, select the invoice line  and click on < Clear Manually >


you can observe that, supplier invoice & customer invoice together appear for the clearing

Step 6: Select the items against each other & Click on Clear



Payable – Receivable or Vice-versa, the remaining balance amount will be shown the Account Monitor Balances

Please reply in case you have any query on this topic.


Lokesh Sharma

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      Author's profile photo Lokesh P
      Lokesh P
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Colleagues,

      Adding a scenario on Netting and the system behavior

      Scenario: [ Effect of Nettable With Relationship type ]When the business partner is already a supplier & customer


      On top of this If you maintain Nettable With relationship with another business partner be with supplier/customer

      netting rel.png

      Note: S100901 is already supplier & Customer

      And now again adding this Nettable with relationship with CP100130 will not help another netting with this CP100130 but will continue to be under Netting with only S100901.

      netting re12.png

      So, If the Business Partner is both supplier & Customer then Netting is allowed only between these two..

      If the Business Partner A is only a supplier or customer then in the supplier or customer account > contacts tab > relationships > add row > Relationship type as [ Nettable with ] then you can select any other customer or supplier with whom this business partner A can enter to Netting then during clearing manually you will be able to see the open items between both the parties.


      Lokesh Sharma