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Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann

Installation and initial configuration of Personas 3 SP2 on NW 7.5

Recently I installed and configured Personas 3 on my NetWeaver 7.5 system. In fact, this is really easy on NW 7.5. Following the master guide and the configuration guide gives you in short time a fully working Personas 3 installation. A small drawback on these guides is that they do not include screenshots that help you navigating through each step. During the installation I documented each step and published them here. It starts with the installation of base Personas 3, updating it to SP1 and then SP2.

In total it`s 3 steps for the installation and 7 for the initial configuration. It took me around 4 hours for the full procedure. Most of the time was for installing Personas 3. The configurations is really easy, and thanks to the configuration checklist, you`ll be sure that it works.



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      Author's profile photo Cristiano Hansen
      Cristiano Hansen

      Hi Tobias,

      This is also covered (with screenshots) here:

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Tamas Hoznek
      Tamas Hoznek

      Good job on the detailed step-by-step explanation. This can help people with little system maintenance experience to perform the installation.

      The Installation and Configuration Guide is aimed at basis- and system administrators who usually have plenty of experience in installing and upgrading components or configuring system profile parameters etc. That's why it doesn't contain this level of details because this knowledge is assumed. Also, if the installation doesn't go down the "happy path" (i.e. something unexpected happens or some error message appears and so on), the person doing the installation should be able to handle these situations.

      Finally, two more comments: you can build a single queue from the base Personas package and the support packages and install everything in one go via SAINT. It's easier that way in case of a brand new installation, instead of having three separate steps. I would also recommend to change the installation to be performed in the background instead of dialog (to avoid an eventual timeout), but that may just be my personal preference 🙂

      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      Blog Post Author

      "That's why it doesn't contain this level of details because this knowledge is assumed."

      "the person doing the installation should be able to handle these situations."

      Yeah, sure.

      Unfortunately, reality is a little bit different. The person installing the software has rarely done this before. Sometimes they are not even basis, they got charged to do the installation. Maybe even doing it remotely and never come back to this system. These people are happy for every documentation that goes beyond the written text. IF they read the guide. This is also why I did the installation in three steps and not in one. To show how it is to go from base to sp1 to sp2.

      Author's profile photo Brian Atkinson
      Brian Atkinson

      Hi Tobias - Your links to your documentation are no longer working. Can you update the blog with the new links?