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If I’m a <role-name> for smart data streaming, where do I find help?

If you use smart data streaming, you probably fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Installation administrator
  • System administrator
  • CCL developer
  • Adapter developer

Maybe you even cover multiple roles, or do bits and pieces of each task. Whatever your role, you sometimes need help, and the sheer amount of documentation can get overwhelming – so here’s a quick guide on where you should turn when that happens.

  Installation administrator

Your role is to prepare the system for installation, plan out the deployment details, and install smart data streaming (and probably SAP HANA as well). If you’re taking on this role, you might need:

  • The Master guides for smart data streaming and SAP HANA, for information on use cases, overviews of the software components, and what your deployment options are.
  • The Installation guides for smart data streaming and SAP HANA, for step-by-step installation instructions for any scenario.
  • The Troubleshooting guides for smart data streaming and SAP HANA, in case anything goes wrong.

  System administrator

You might be the same person who installed smart data streaming, or maybe you’re someone else entirely. If you’re in charge of system administration, then your goals are to initially configure the system, to create any necessary users and manage their permissions, and to continuously support the system and its users as the need comes up. For this job, you can turn to:

  • The Configuration and Administration guide, for everything from first-time configuration, to continuous administration, to system management and monitoring through a number of tools and methods.
    • If you use the SAP HANA cockpit, then you can also refer to the Cockpit guide, which you can conveniently access from the top right corner of any cockpit screen. It only has information specific to the cockpit (though you’ll find all of the same information in the Configuration and Administration guide too).
  • The Security guide, for provisioning users with the right permissions for their tasks, and to ensure that private information stays safe and encrypted, among other security considerations.
  • The Utilities guide, to reference all possible commands for the executable tools provided with smart data streaming – for example, you’re probably going to use streamingclusteradmin a lot.
  • The Troubleshooting guide, in case anything goes wrong.

  CCL developer

As a CCL developer, you probably just want to get right in and start working on streaming projects. There’s a lot of information for you, including:

  • The Developer guide, which gives you everything you need to get started.
  • The CCL Reference, which you can turn to when you need a bit more in-depth information, like every possible element in a CCL statement.
  • The Adapters guide, which is another in-depth reference, this time specifically for adapters – there are a lot of properties to juggle.
  • The Examples guide, which gives you access to and explanations of lots of CCL examples.
  • The Utilities guide, which is yet another reference, this one for the smart data streaming executables. You’ll need this if you want to use the command line to publish or subscribe to and from projects, or deploy and test them.
  • The Troubleshooting guide, once again, in case anything goes wrong.

  Adapter developer

As an adapter developer (and again, you might also be a CCL developer), you create and set up adapters for use with streaming projects. Since you have a few different methods of doing this, there’s multiple resources as well, including:

  • The Adapters guide, which is your basic reference to all pre-built adapters included with smart data streaming, plus any web services.
  • The Building Custom Adapters guide, which teaches you how to use the adapter toolkit.
  • The SDK guide, which provides help with the streaming C, .Net, and Java SDKs.

You can find all of these guides on the SAP Help Portal. To summarize:

Do you fall into another smart data streaming user role that I didn’t cover here? If that’s the case, leave a comment below and let me know.

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