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Non Commercial Shipment

This artifact will give an overview of how we can simplify Non Commercial Shipments across industry. Non Commercials Shipments are primarily required for Shipping samples, clinical supplies , R&D  shipments , equipment and waste disposals.

Below are the process flow of Non Commercial Shipment :

Create Delivery > Create Shipment > Create Profoma Invoice > Receive Export declaration (If export) > Shipment completion.

Since all these shipments are not sold ,no Sales order needs to be created. Rather Outbound delivery can be created without reference (VL01NO)


To differentiate the Non Commercial shipment all the relevant Organization elements has to be created newly. This will also be useful for reporting and monitoring purposes.

High-level Process flow:

Highlevel process flow.JPG

Integration/Interfaces :

Non Commercial Shipment process needs to be integrated with following systems.

1) Global Trade System (GTS) :

If the Shipment is for export then ECC has to interface with GTS to get the export declaration from Customs authority.


2) Denied Party Screening (With Amber road- A third party Export on Demand system for screening customers) :

When the Delivery is created, the interface will be triggered to check the correct status of customer whether is it permitted or not. In case of any issues the shipment will be blocked accordingly.

The denied party block can only be removed manually with necessary authorization. If the decision is made to proceed further the delivery should be unblocked further if it is not allowed delivery should be cancelled.

Outbound Interface:

Amber road Outbound.JPG

Inbound interface :

Amber road Inbound.JPG

Delivery Processing:

Delivery document.JPG

Delivery can be created without order reference. User have to maintain header and item data of the delivery (Ship to party, planned GI data, Material ,quantity etc) also enter necessary partners for shipment and necessary pricing conditions.

Delivery document will be promoted to following checks to make sure it is having enough information to proceed with Shipment , Proforma invoice and to get Export declaration from GTS.

Dangerous goods checks:

Dangerous goods check is required for all the materials, to make sure Dangerous goods department or HSE group correctly classify the materials whether it is dangerous good or not. Based on that, it has to be packed accordingly as per guidelines. Workflow can triggered to them to classify. Until decision is made delivery document should be on hold for further processing.

Foreign trade checks:

Foreign trade group needs to involved like Dangerous goods workflow to validate/maintain the Foreign trade related information on the delivery document (like Custom traffic number and Country of origin). Again the delivery document will not be processed further until decision has been made on each time of delivery document.

Packaging checks:

Delivery document will be checked whether packing has been done or not. Until packing done the delivery document will not be processed further. Workflow can be triggered to Packers with Quantity, weight and dimension to ready with packing.

License checks:

For few shipments, as per legal requirements license check is required it should be maintained in delivery document to print in appropriate document.

Once all the blocks are removed ,delivery document can be processed further.

Below are documents can be printed in delivery document:

Proforma invoice and Pack order.

Shipment Processing:

Shipment document.JPG

Shipment document can be created for delivery document and forwarding agent can be informed to arrange transport or courier.

Below are the list of documents can be printed in Shipment document:

Pack list

Pick load

Transport Order

Confirmation of receipt

Custom invoice

Proforma Invoice and GTS:

Proforma invoice.JPG

Proforma invoice document can be created from the information received from delivery and Shipment documents. Proforma invoice created for this shipment is for custom purpose only and can be printed.

After Proforma invoice creation the interface will be triggered to GTS system for the export shipment where applicable. This interface trigger will generate a document in GTS system to obtain export declaration from customs authority.

Once all the prerequisite are met in GTS document ,it will trigger interface to Custom authority. The export declaration will then be sent back to GTS system on confirmation and then can be sent to SAP R/3 to attach in Proforma invoice document. Shipment can be updated accordingly.

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