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Creating Your First Mobile Application in HANA Cloud Platform

In this article we will walk through creating a basic application using the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Cockpit and the Web IDE service. We will show how to create a basic application from a template that retrieves test data from an OData URL and how to deploy and access it from both a computer or mobile device.

These tutorial videos are based on the tutorial Deploying a Hybrid App on HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services by Jim Jaquet. Although the HCP UI has been updated slightly Jim’s tutorial is still very easy to follow so if you prefer the tutorial in written form click the link above.

Part One: Configuring the Data Source

Additional Notes:


Part Two: Creating the Application from Template

Additional Notes:

  • In this section we will create our application from a predefined template.
  • We will run the application and see what generated code comes with a template application.

Part Three: Customizing the Application

Additional Notes:

  • In this section we add labels to the headers to specify Unit Price and Units on Order.
  • We then round the currency prices and specify the currency type.
  • To add a currency symbol we utilize built in internationalization (i18n) features.

Part Four: Deploying the Application

Additional Notes:

  • In this section we finally deploy our application to the HANA cloud
  • We then access the site from both a web browser and a mobile device.

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