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Implementing Cloud for Customer ECC SEARCH using HCI as middleware

Most of us know that, workcenter “ECC SEARCH” is available in C4C to perform a real time search on the sales orders in the backend SAP ERP System.

SAP did deliver a standard iFlow for PI which uses Outbound interface Chemical_SalesOrderSearch_Ext_Out and Operation mapping COD_ERP_ Chemical_SalesOrderSearch_Ext for “ECC SEARCH”. However there is no standard iFlow for ECC SEARCH, if you use HCI as the middleware.

If you use HCI as the middleware, then only option we have is to develop a simple custom iFlow, which does the same task as the standard one in SAP PI.

How do we achieve this? Attached document details the step by step guide in implementing a simple iFlow in HCI for the ECC SEARCH.

View  document on Google Drive;  Dropbox ;  OneDrive.

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  • Hello Amber,

    I am not able to open both the links that you provided. Can you please check this? Would really like to see your work. Would be additional knowledge for me. 🙂



    • Chandan,

      I could open them without any issue. Could you please try again. Is there any other way of posting a pdf ?



  • I don't know whether you were able to resolve your issue. However , the issue is due to service you are using in the back end system. As specified in my document , you should use the service “CHEMICAL_SALESORDERSEARCH_EXT_” in your backend ECC system. This should ideally resolve your issue..

    Let me know, if you still have an issue.

      • Hi Pulkit,

        Download here  the project of the Sales Order search. You need to change the sender adapter endpoint and the recipient adapter endpoint.

        Use the ComplaintSalesOrdersearch.wsdl in sender's adapter as shown below:

        Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 09.58.06.png

        For the recipient system , you don't need to assign any wsdl

        Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 09.59.04.png

  • We don't need to comment out any policies to my knowledge in HCI. For PI it is required though. I think you have name space confllicts in your Iflow.

    I hope you have downloaded the WSDL from C4C and used for the sending system and WSDL from SOAMANAGER in ERP for the recipient system.

    Apart from creating a Service and action for the C4C WSDL, you don't need to get into the namespace details..

  • Hi Pulkit,

    True. The iflow I use here contains the opertaion mapping I have created in PI and imported in HCI. you need to export the HCI mapping and upload it to PI to see whats in the mapping.

  • Hello Amber,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful documentation. Since, we are dealing this the same requirements. Could please share your experience on the enhancement that need to be done on ERP side in order to extract Invoices & Deliveries details?


    Thanks in advance,