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Enabling the Digital Company – Digital Transformation Simplifies Management for DuraFiber Technologies

Imagine spider-like filaments linking departments, administrators, employees, suppliers and customers in a corporation. This kind of web is elaborate. An organization with small companies separated by great distances is especially complex. The complexity of a business’s organization can be frustrating. It can endanger corporate survival if communication is inefficient. Unlike the strong threads of a real spider web, some of these links may weaken and break. It duplicates effort and wastes finances. Departure of skilled workers and loss of income may result. Competitors may gain advantage by investing in better digital management of their businesses. This is digital disruption.

Avoiding Disruption by Simplifying

It is difficult to believe a big change can make things better when a company is changing due to growth. But a digital platform that integrates all your software and Internet tools simplifies business processes. Companies become vulnerable when competitors are faster to adapt to technological change. Yet digital transformation does not have to make business processes more complicated. Digital transformation is a big change that can make business life easier. It involves cloud, mobile, big data and social network technologies. For example, companies producing chemicals need to adapt to the worldwide increase in use of smartphones. Mobile technology lets you conduct business wherever you are. This may include gathering information and holding virtual meetings. It keeps you updated on important issues and helps you to avoid problems by processing workflows while traveling. Using a variety of software and digital tools with different managers can slow communication. This disrupts immediate and future progress. A central digital management system is necessary to help them work together.

This is the story of how DuraFiber Technologies simplified management of its company by improving management of its digital tools. The corporation is a global chemical manufacturer based in North Carolina. It creates polymers for fibers used in manufacturing. Their products also flow into goods such as tires and geotextiles for erosion control. DuraFiber unified its company structure by moving further toward digital transformation. It did this with help from the digital management platform SAP HANA. The platform integrates digital tools for better sharing of information and real time data analysis. Companies can use SAP HANA both in-house and in the cloud.

Struggling with Complicated Growth

Business disruption may occur due to disconnected digital management systems. Supporting many applications that do not work together is a problem. This may lead to unhappy user experience and loss of customers. Over the years, DuraFiber acquired similar chemical companies around the world. Growth was good. Yet all these new plants had their own digital enterprise management systems. This made the big picture of company health unclear. The company knew it needed one digital management system for all its plants. Variations in operations could cause disruptions. This might result in employees and customers being unhappy with the company.

Enabling Smooth Sailing

DuraFiber had already used SAP products. It decided to use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to integrate its digital systems and tools. One change involved coordinating varying financial systems. SAP HANA can be used in-house or in the cloud. It combines transaction processes (data entry and retrieval) and analysis of data. This avoids running different kinds of information as separate workloads. It also aids real-time access to information.

DuraFiber has integrated all its digital processes and tools to help them all work together better. It has real-time access to company data from America to Europe. These changes allow the company to coordinate materials management, manufacturing, maintenance and the customer-order process in all its plants. Now this producer of filament for strong nautical rope is enjoying smoother sailing. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is helping to calm the waters of digital transformation and company unification.

Start your journey now! Understand more about the value digital transformation brings to your company and establish the right platform and roadmap for transition.

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