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Nithyanandam Venu – SCN Member of the Month May 2016

Nithyanandam Venu is a business intelligence developer based in Chennai, India, and our SCN Member of the Month for May, 2016. Nithyanandam develops custom extensions for SAP Design Studio using the DS SDK. He works with passion to develop BI visualizations and dashboards to improve business outcomes for his customers through better analytics.

Some things I learned from our interview:

  • He is hard-working but also fun spirited; he has a playful side that makes him easy to engage with on SCN
  • He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community, paying forward the guidance he was given on SCN when his career started out
  • He enjoys attending events that allow face to face connections with fellow community members, and hopes to get to SAP TechEd in Las Vegas some time soon

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what kind of work you do, and other things you would like to share with the community (hobbies, fun facts)?

I am a kind of fun-filled geeky person. I love to play around with technologies. I live in the most awesome place – India. It is the seventh largest country by area and second largest by population, and the most populous democracy in the world. I live in the south part called Chennai (singara Chennai).


   Nithyanandam at SAP TechEd Bangalore


   Nithyanandam with colleagues on outing

You can see more facts about Chennai here to know the awesomeness about this place:

I am mostly seen working on coding and debugging it. I love developing solutions via coding. I develop mostly on DS. I’ve also worked with visualization libraries like highcharts, since most of the time we play with data. Other than this, I love to get my hands on new technologies like HANA cloud platform, HANA portal,C4A and frameworks like Angular.js.

I love reading! Not by books, mostly online. I read mostly technical, inspirational blogs. I am also active on Quora most of the time. I watch a lot of movies which includes all type of genres. I am also active on social medias (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) in order to stay up to date with the trending, viral things.

I play games to bust out the stress. I mostly enjoy playing arcade/adventures games as well as war games. I sing for myself sometimes to pass time. I am also a musical person who loves to hear songs. I love to hangout and travel with friends when I get a break from work 🙂


   At Partner Collaboration Program


   With David Stocker

   at SAP TechEd Bangalore

When did you become a member of SCN and which areas are you most active in?

I joined SCN in 2014. I have been active since there. I am most active in the Design Studio space.

What motivates you to keep coming back to SCN and help members get answers to their questions and share your knowledge through blog posts and documents?

When I started my initial career in SAP DS, I found the suggestions and answers in the SCN DS space very helpful. I have also found the community to be so active and really open for everyone. This motivated me to keep coming back to SCN and help community people who are just starting out or stuck trying to solve some problem. After a while, I have been able to spread some of my knowledge to community people, by helping them solve their problems. The appreciation and self satisfaction you get while you share your knowledge through answers, blogs and documents is priceless. Actually that’s what makes SCN a wonderful place to keep coming back to.

Do you feel l like your experiences on the SCN community have helped advance your career and/or professional network? If so, how?

Yes definitely. It gave me recognition inside my office as well as outside of my office, at places like conferences. At conferences, people already knew me and they really appreciated the things I’ve done on SCN. It also helps learning a lot from the other experts whom I admire on SCN.

What contribution on SCN are you proudest of and why? (Could be a tough question you helped solve, or a blog post or document you think helped a lot of people.)

Even though I wrote many innovative blogs on SDK and CSS,  I feel this one document ( is my proudest contribution. It helped a lot of people in the Design studio space.


   Ethnic-wear day at work


   At Nagalapuram

As an SAP consultant working with SAP’s products, you must have seen a lot. What’s the most important thing SAP needs to do to keep customers enthusiastic about its products in the future?

While SAP is already doing great with their products, I always find the product UI to be old school. This could be changed with a modern interface. I have also seen that, many products have similar features; while there are also a few specific features to make it unique, it would be great, if they come up with a single product that can do almost everything.

I see from your blog it forward post that you enjoy gaming. What you some of your favorites? And what are some of your wishes for the SCN gamification program?

It seems you have done good research 🙂 . My favourites are Far Cry series, GOD OF WAR series and Prince of Persia Series and FIFA. I would really love to see some user interactive, level by level progressing mission on SCN gamification.

Is there an SCN member you admire (OK… you can name a few)? And for what reason?

I admire Karol Kalisz, Mike Howles, andMustafa Bensan for their extraordinary efforts on SDK development community as well as helping others by answering in a detailed manner, even with their very busy schedules.

I also admire Tammy Powlas for being active almost all the time and answering almost every type of question, from DS environment setup to CSS customization.

Do you have any fun talents you’d like to share with the community? Jokes, songs, a poem?

I am very talkative and humorous person. I’ve done few Radio Programs at my office.I really talk a lot 😀

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