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C4C Project Build – Simple but Useful tips

Hello Readers,

Here in this Blog, I’d like to share some very simple, however, useful tips which ensure that the Project build goes smooth and the basics are done correctly without missing the steps:

Project Activity Project Phase Risk Description Impact Risk Mitigation
Scoping Scoping Correct Scoping elements not selected/missed to select with the corresponding questions being answered per the scope of the project Configuration activities will be missing, hence the system cannot be configured per the scope of the project Make sure that the Scope of the project is duly signed by all involved stakeholders & based on the final scope of the project all relevant scoping elements are checked & their related questions are answered in the scoping activity on Cloud solution. This should be reviewed by downloading the Executive summary of the scope from the Cloud solution
Design Acceptance Prepare The milestone ‘Confirm Milestone – Design Accepted’ is not checked & the activity is not closed OR post checking this milestone & closing, if there are any Scoping changes are made & the Admin does not click on FINISH In the Scoping of a Cloud Solution, post selection of the relevant Scoping elements, the activity : Confirm Milestone – Design Accepted under Prepare phase should be checked & Closed, if not, the scope which was selected in Scoping phase will not be deployed on to the Cloud solution for further activities. In case any scoping changes are done post closing this milestone & the Administrator does not click on FINISH, then changes to the scoping will not be deployed Follow the activities phase wise as mentioned in the Cloud solution & in the correct sequence, make sure that the activity mentioned for confirming Design Acceptance is duly checked & Closed to make sure that the Scoping decisions are deployed on the Cloud solution. Click on FINISH in case Scoping chnages are performed post confirming the Deisgn Accepted milestone
Configuration Fine Tune Configuration of differnet objects is not completed per the Scope The system behavior/functionality for the objects in scope will deviate from the expected reults Make sure all the configuration activities for the the scoping elements is completed & accurate, if not, do not move forward with other steps
Data Upload/Migration Integrate and Extend Data Migration sequence is not followed per the sequence mentioned in the Data Migration documentation The system has certain dependencies when it comes to Data migration, for which if the correct & recommended sequence of migration is not followed, it will cause issues/errors while performing further migration of data Data should be migrated starting from Job Definitions then Organizational Model as the first two objects since Org Model forms the basis of the overall solution configuration & subsequent data migration objects are dependent on it. Rest other objects should follow the sequence as recommeded in the migration documentation
Data Upload/Migration Integrate and Extend Data Migration templates being modified/changed/fields added manually into the templates This can result in serious issues while performing data migration & can delay the overall timelines of the project & cas finally result in data inconsistencies if uploaded Data Migration templates should be used as they are provided by SAP without any sort of modification to its fields/formats/or anything mentioned in the template should not be enhanced. The Documentation in each template should be completely understoob before the data migration activity is performed
Extension/Custom fields addition Integrate and Extend Custom/Extension fields created post the data migration template download This will not replicate any extension/custom fields into the Data migration templates & hence such fields will not be availbale for data upload through templates Always create extension fields First & then download the data migration tempalte in order to make sure that the extension fields created on the solution are replicated onto the data migration templates so as to upload data into those custom/extension fields by using the templates
Security/Compliance Fine Tune Password/email Security Policies not maintained in the cloud solution This can issues related to security & compliance of the Organization Maintain/Create the Security policies per the Organization’s policies while in the Fine Tune phase
User Access/Authorization Fine Tune Correct Business Roles/Access not assigned to users Incorrect/Incomplete business role and user access/authorization can lead to Security issues, unwanted access of objects on the tenant to incorrect business users which can result in loss of integrity, can himder users to perform business operations on the Cloud solution Appropriate Business Roles/Access & Restriction for users should be created before the users are grated access to the system
Testing/Cutover activities Test Appropriate cutover planning not executed, integration tests not performed This can result in unforseen issues during Go-Live & post Go-Live which can hamper business oeprations & can result in project timeline extension & subsequent financial losses Proper Integration tests are planned & executed along with Business users along with exhaustie cutover planning & execution to ensure smooth transition to Production
Go-Live Checklist Go-Live If the Go-Live checklist is not reviewed for any open items before making the system Live & closing all Go-Live related activities If the Go-Live checklist is not reviewed before making the system Live & closing the project, there are high chances of landing into trouble with system functioning, missing functionality/configuration/incorrect user access & unexpected system performance The Go-Live checklist is provided to ensure that all open items are checked before making the system Live. Also, the checklist apprises the project teamstakeholders of any activity which might have been missed which could result in potential issues which call for extra efforts & additional costs for rectifying these post Go-Live

Hope these basics come handy for people implementing a C4C Project.



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      Author's profile photo Benoit Lavallée
      Benoit Lavallée

      good input Ankur

      Author's profile photo Leandro Abreu
      Leandro Abreu

      Very helpful, thanks for posting this tips!