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The following are the example of Perquisite Items which are provided by the company to employees:

1. Electricity, Gas and Water

2. Interest Free Or Concessional Loans

3. Holiday Expenses

Let us map this sample scenario (with wage types)  as given below:

(A) For Perquisite, Amount of taxable perquisite is maintained in the following wage types

(in Infotype 15):

1. 9301  – Electricity Gas & Water

2. 9302  – Interest free Loan

3. 9303  – Holiday home expenses

(B) For the above perquisite, the following are the wage types used to recover from the employees

(in infotype 14 or 15):

1. 8101 – Electricity Charges

2. 8201 – Loan Recovery

3. 8221 – Guest House charges

Processing Classes, Cumulation Classes and Evaluation Classes settings for Wage types

9301,9302 & 9303 as explained in section (A) above:




Processing Classes, Cumulation Classes and Evaluation Classes settings for Wage types

8101,8201 & 8221 as explained in section (B) above (for Deduction Wage types):




Recovery wage types and Perquisite Wage types can be entered in Infotype 15 as given below:


As per the configuration (Evaluation classes & specifications), the form 12BA will be displayed

as given below:


List of Evaluation Classes (For India Payroll) can be viewed in table v_t52d3:


Specifications for Evaluation class 9 (Perks) can be viewed in table v_t52d4:


Specifications for Evaluation class 9 (Perks) – for deduction wage types

in view v_t52d4:



This document does not contain the copyrighted content or material owned by others. The coding or technical names used in the configuration screen shots are purely set as just examples. The numbering, wording, coding are provided in screen shots are to give better understanding to the forum users.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Balasubramanian,

    I have created a WT with all above PRCL/EVCL. However Perk is happening for first month but for second month it is not happening.



    1. BALASUBRAMANIAN AP Post author

      Hi ,

      Please try to enter all of the above wage types in view V_T54C3  which is YTD (Year to Date ) cumulation calendar (like below)

      Wtype Cu.typ   Start Date     End date          B

      9301    C               01.01.1998     31.12.9999     x

      9301    Y               01.01.1998     31.12.9999     x

      (Check the entries for all the wage types).



  2. Former Member

    Hi BalaSubramanian,

    My client don’t want to do the deduction only perquisite earnings required to be configured without deduction can i have the same configuration.



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