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New Feature in the WEBGUI File Browser

As you might know, the WEBGUI File Browser is replacing the Java Applet to perform download/upload operations via WEBGUI.

You can use the WEBGUI File Browser in all web browsers supported by PAM: check my previous blog about it.

Today I want to present a new feature: white list and black list of the content that can be displayed via WEBGUI file browser.

MP4: No, no, no!

For testing purposes, I uploaded a MP4 video file to a purchase order in my test system.

Here you can see the attachment list:

Service - Attachment List.jpg

When I select the Video row and click on the display button, the following popup appears:

Popup 1.jpg

So, before I can view a file, the same should be available via virtual file system.

When I confirm this popup, I receive the information that “mp4” files cannot be opened:

Popup 2.jpg

And, confirming this popup brings another popup:

Popup 3.jpg

What happens via WEBGUI File Browser?

Now I have the file stored in the virtual file system:

WEBGUI File Browser.jpg

When I access the WEBGUI File Browser and try to see the file, I receive more information:

Popup 4.jpg

So, the only way to visualize the content of the MP4 file is: export the file to the local file system first, then the file can be opened.

White List, Black List

There is a list of allowed file types and mp4 is not included there.

A new parameter is available:


One example of use:


So, if I want to allow the MP4 file type:


If I would like to block access to HTML files, then another parameter needs to be used:


My setting is:


The GUI Configuration of my test system (WEBGUI service):

GUI Configuration.jpg

Now, if I try to visualize the video, the player is called and the video displayed.

If you want to use this new feature, then please read SAP note 2305615: a kernel upgrade is required.

The list of allowed extensions is also available in the note.

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  • Hi Cristiano,

    Thank you for your blog.

    But do you really find this new thing friendly?

    Simply for saving an ALV list as export from the WebGUI in our portal, we have to go through the tedious process of first saving the file in the web browser's virtual file system and then exporting it to native file system.

    I really do not understand why SAP is making things complicated in newer versions. Not a single user is ready to accept this process, which was way more easier in the previous NW version, where simple select location and export as Excel file.

    Really it is hard to understand SAP's philosophy. In upgraded versions everything should improve including user friendliness of the applications.

    But it is going in reverse directions in many areas in SAP. A huge lot of UI rendering issues are appearing after upgrade to NW 750, which even SAP is apathetic to look into.

  • Hi Crisitano,

    I am trying to upload excel file and do the operations in abap level. It is working fine when am doing in se38.  When i created Internet service(ITS) , file is uploading but its not converting into my internal table. I am getting OLE error while conversion process. I tried all the possible ways but no use. Could you please help me to resolve this issue

    Thanks in  advance.



    • Hi Surya,


      Note that OLE automation is not supported via WEBGUI (SAP note 314568).

      You need to upload the file via WEBGUI file browser, then read the content using a valid FM (released for customers).


      Kind regards,



    • Hi,


      As far as I know, there is no released FM that can be used.

      You can find an example on how to load a Excel to internal table in this wiki (Using ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE, FM not released).

      Kind regards,



      • Hi Cristiano,

        I have the same issue mention above for uploading file in WEBGUI, with the help of your mentioned step I have uploaded the file via WEBGUI file browser now I am unable to find the correct FM for Reading the file and converting into internal table , Do you have any solution for this?