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How to listen UME activities from Portal Service

Hello Friends,


               Make a Portal Service to listen UME activities and perform operations as per requirement. We can listen like user\role\group addition or modification.

Lets start step by step , I am showing how to log UME activities in Developer traces :

1)     Create an Enterprise Application from File->New-> Create a Portal Project and then create a Portal Service in that project.

2)     Service will create 2 files i.e. Service interface and Class to implement Service interface.

3)     Now include jar . This will provide User\Role\Group listeners , listener is interface (UserListeners, RoleListeners, GroupListeners). So we have to implement these interfaces to listen UME activities. You can implement these listeners in the same class that is implementing service interface. Lets take an example of RoleListener.

4)     First we have to register Listener , below is the code to register . Like below code we can register for other listeners as well.

          RoleListener roleListener = new “Classname that is implementing RoleListener”();

          IRoleFactory userFactory=UMFactory.getRoleFactory();

          userFactory.registerListeners(roleListener, RoleListener.INFORM_ON_USER_ASSIGNED);


5)     RoleListener interface has some methods that will come automatically after implementing . So leave those methods blank which you don’t want to listen. Like I am using INFORM_ON_USER_ASSIGNED , so as per my requirement i’ll get data in method public void userAssigned (String arg0 , String arg1) throws UMException{} only.

6)     Now I want to check “which role is modified” , “assigned userid”  , “who modified” and at what time .In method userAssigned , arg0 is role name and arg1 is  username. To get who modified role you have to put below code and for time just add date variable:

          IUser user=UMFactory.getAuthenticator().getLoggedinUser();

          Date date=new date();

7)     Import to log entries . Use logger wherever you want to log entries.

Now you will be able to implement Service and find out who is performing Security activities.

Hope this is helpful……

Thanks You,


Mayank Jain

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      Author's profile photo Veerabhadram R.A Mantha
      Veerabhadram R.A Mantha

      Security Audit logs of AS Java do the same thing out of the box.

      Security Audit Log of the AS Java - System Security - SAP Library