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Archiving Trial HANA instance running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

You are an active SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial user?

We have a new SAP HANA Trial Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) offering for you to try. It provides more capabilities and it is simple to use. We will retire the current trial HANA scenario and you won’t be able to access the content which you have created so far. The official date when the old Trial HANA Instance feature will be shutdown is the 1th July 2016.

In order to preserve the content you should extract it from the system by following the steps below and save it locally for subsequent use.

Export of content from existing Trial HANA schema

  1. Add your SAP HANA Cloud Schema to the Eclipse IDE
    Open the SAP HANA Development perspective in the Eclipse IDE. Go to the Systems view ->Add Cloud System. Enter your credentials and click Next.


    Under the Schemas dropdown you can find your target schema and finish the import.

  2. Collect your Repository content
    Now, you have to get the content of your schema archived in a zip file. You have to open the Repositories view.
    Right-click on your package in the Default workspace and select “Import Remote workspace” -> Finish.

    Right-click on your repository package and select Export Package. Enter the target zip file’s name.


     3. Collect your Catalog content
          If you have DB Schemas used in your project, you will have to export them along with the repository data.
     Go back to the Systems view. Open the Catalog and right-click on the schema you would like to export. Open the Export window and select “Export catalog objects to current client“.
     Create a new directory and select it as a target.


     Now you have all your content at your hands!

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  • Hi,


    thanks for this helpful blog.


    However the graphics are from and thus not visible outside the SAP internal network.


    Could you change this?



  • how it affects IoT scenarios? I have an IoT demos in the trial and iotmms is storin data in the trial instance,,, how I could fix it ?

    • Hello Pablo,

      can you please give some more information about the scenario that do not work for you.

      The MDC is fully functional database (as productive one) and IoT should work with it as it works with the productive (dedicated) HANA databases.

      The limitation is that MDC instance will be stopped in 12 hours, but this should be enough to test and prove the scenario you try to implement.


      Best regards,


      • Hello, Pablo,

             In addition to the information Dobri provided, bare in mind that the port for the TenantDB is different. If IoT uses data source binding configuration from Persistence Service, it should work.


        Best Regards,

      • thanks .. so If I have my IoT demo using the automated generated instance and binding from iotmms it wont be affected for this change?


        • My advice is to test it with HANA MDC Instance and in case you face any issues, you can ask here, providing more details. Good luck!



  • > You can find your project in the Project Explorer.


    It was not working as described for me. I had to add a new general project - after package import into local repository - manually with the same name as the imported package and in the same workspace. Only after that it is visible (with all content) on [Project Explorer] tab-page and can be exported.

    • Hello, Dmitry,
      I did a minor edit, the Project Explorer is not used at all in this particular archiving scenario. The sentence was confusing, so I deleted it.
      Big thanks for your feedback!


      Best Regards,

  • When I try to add the Cloud System, I get an error:

    "Not a valid SAP HANA Cloud Platform Landscape host:"


    I tried with others, like the us1, I still het the same error.


    Did I miss something I had to do?


    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards.

    Jacques-Antoine Ollier

    • Hello, Jacques-Antoine,


      You could try one of the two options:

      First - update your SAP HANA tools (if they are older,  the landscape certificate might not get validated).

      Second - double-check your settings in the Network Connections page. You should be able to open any web page in the Eclipse internal browser.


      Hopefully, one of the steps will be a resolution.


      In case you continue facing the error, do not hesitate to notify here again.


      Best Regards,


  • hi,


    i got asked to provide some clarification on the email that every HCP trial user got (see below) as it wasn't clearly explained what is meant with the "SAP HANA Instance feature". since i talked to our dev. team that is in charge for the persistance service they told me that there is now a release note available which can be accessed at:


    in essence:

    HANA XS shared will be shutdown - not HANA shared. so the IoT Service, which uses HANA shared is not affected at all.


    "...Dear SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial User,


    You are receiving this email because you are using the Trial SAP HANA Instance feature of SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial offering. This functionality is already retired and the service will be shutdown soon. As announced, there is an alternative SAP HANA Multitenant Database Container offering that you may use instead.   With this notification, we kindly ask you to export and archive locally any HANA content which you might have created in your Trial account, in case you still need your data. To do so, follow this straightforward procedure. The old Trial HANA Instance feature will be shutdown on 2016/07/01. After that date you will not be able to access your HANA content anymore.   


    SAP HANA Cloud Platform Operations..."


    kind regards,



    HCP IoT prod. mgmt.

    • Hello,
      For further reference, please check the Account page where Trial SAP HANA Instances are explicitly marked. The described can be observed in the picture below:




      Hyperlink to the mentioned Release note was also provided in the notification mail (check under the word "retired").

      Best Regards,

  • Hi,

    thanks for this blog.

    Export of repository content and catalog content worked fine (steps 2 and 3).

    Import of catalog content to a mdc instance worked as well.

    However I could not figure out how to import repository content (There is no menu item "Import Package".

    Can you give a hint?



    • Hi, Klaus!
      You can try executing the following steps:



      Extract the repository content zip you collected in step 2.



      Go to the Repository tab in Eclipse and create a new repository workspace on your MDC Instance.

      In it you have to create a new repository package (better enter the name of your old repository package to avoid project inconsistencies).

      Right-click on the new package and select "Check Out and Import Projects". Select the extracted zip's content. Now nothing much happens in the Repository tab, but you are able to find your project in the Project Explorer tab. The reason for this is that you should share the project in the new repository.

      Right-click on it, select Team -> Share Project.
      The next and last step is activation of the content you just shared - right-click on your project and select "Activate All".

      With this, the repository content import should be successfully finished.

      In case you face any issues, do not hesitate to contact me.


      Best Regards,

      • Hi Blagovesta,

        thanks for the description.

        > Select the extracted zip's content.

        after this I get a message "No projects are found to import". So it doesn't work.


        However I found another solution (if this is of any interest to someone):

        Export not like desribed in step 2 but File --> Export --> SAP HANA Content --> Developer Mode --> Slecect Views to export and target folder.

        This can be Imported exactly the other way around: File --> Import --> SAP HANA Content --> Developer Mode


        This solves my problem.


        Best regards


        • You should select the folder, ending with the name of the previous workspace (from which you exported the data). In this case your project will be found and possible to import.


          The way you described also works, but not for all type of files the user might want to export. For example, it is fine for calculation views, but exporting .js, .xsjs, .hdbrole and etc. files can not happen in the developer mode.



          Best Regards,

          • > You should select the folder, ending with the name of the previous workspace (from which you >exported the data).

            >In this case your project will be found and possible to import.

            no matter which folder I select, I always get thwe message "No projects are found to import". Maybe I did something wrong during export. Anyway, since my problem is solved Iguess I won't spend any more time for this issue.

            Thanks for your help.

            Best regards