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Author's profile photo Joachim Rees

SAP ONE Support Launchpad – Whishlist part 2 -> notes search app / ANST_SEARCH_TOOL

I’ve written SAP ONE Support Launchpad – my whish list a few days ago.


Meanwhile, I got the following question a few times (well, twice): “In the old world, I could search for SAP notes, with regards to a certain system or release level I’m interested in. (How) is this possible in SAP ONE Support Launchpad?”


As far as I know, it’s not! (I’m happy to learn something, if you can tell me otherwise!).


Of course, there is a possibility to search notes, let’s have a look at it:

2016-04-27 12_10_47-SAP ONE Support Launchpad_Search_APP.jpg


So there’s the “search bar” at the very top of the launchpad -> enter your search term(s) an of we go.


Not only SAP notes will be searched, but also SCN Forums, Wikis and some other places.


Then there is the “Find a Solution”-App

(Which is actually the “Report an Incident”-App, just like it says in the second line. The reason it’s so strangely named is simple: before reporting an incident, you should search for a solution to you problem – the naming of the app indicates that, and the design even forces you to do so – Step 1: Search! If you don’t, you can not even see the “Contact SAP Support”-button to create an incident).

The search is the same as with the search bar.


I think this search is fine, easy to use (just one input field -> simple) and so on.

However, as an addition – not a replacement! – I would like to also have a “Search SAP Notes”-app. (Maybe it could be called “advanced notes search” or something).

It would be more like the old notes search: (found at )

(sorry, I only have a German-language screenshot available)

2016-04-27 12_33_02-SAP Note & Knowledge Base Article Search _Old_notes_search.jpg


It would have the possibility to just enter a note number you already know and get it viewed really fast (not a search, but an key access).

Also, it would just search SAP-Notes, not other stuff, so that would also be faster.


Maybe the old notes search backend could just get a Fiori UI, that would probably be quite easy to do?!



Again, let me stress that this should not be a replacement, but an addition to the search capabilities the Launchpad already has.




Another thought: Sometimes a general search for Notes in a Web-Interface might not be the best solution. Since a few years, there’s the ANST_SEARCH_TOOL that let’s you do a notes search right out of the system where you experience a problem.


Ther’s some SCN content about it, eg:

Automated Note Search Tool (ANST) (2016)


SAP Automated Note Search Tool: I’m loving it! (2013)

and also:

Automated Note Search Tool Call-SAP Mentor Webcast Recap


Consider trying this out the next time!





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      Author's profile photo Nicolas Busson
      Nicolas Busson

      Hi Joachim,

      Thanks for the mention of my old blog post.

      I totally agree that we miss an advanced search functionality on the new launchpad. This makes my life miserable because I used to maintain so called "templates" on the old portal to have my system id, language and sort settings predefined, etc. Now I have a lot more work to do everytime I'm searching for notes, not to mention that the launchpad search will display oss notes younger than 3 years old by default. So in case you would like to display a note from 2012 you'll be in trouble even if you know the exact note number. But that's how it goes with SAP: changing the UI comes with lots of regressions (that's something we experience quite often in CRM area), but hopefully this will be improved over time...



      Author's profile photo Olivier BOULET
      Olivier BOULET

      Hello Joachim,

      Like Nicolas & you I'm also missing the advanced search options and search templates too .

      Limiting the result list to 10 item per pages is also not convenient at all.

      An other thing I'm really missing is the ability to download the note in htm format (using the "Printer-Friendly Version")

      The pdf version of the note is a pity, currently it is removing all the pictures from the note and does not include the related note section.

      I hope the old KB search app will stay alive for long as from my point of view the new Support launchpad is really not as efficient.

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Mikhail Alterman
      Mikhail Alterman

      Notes in Fiori Launchpad = massive disappointment compared to the previous setup; and the previous setup wasn't great. 

      Do you want good laughs?  Tell other vendors that SAP allows only ten results maximum after very inflexible, poorly performing initial search.

      This Launchpad will result in higher SAP support and implementation costs.

      Author's profile photo Arno Helmling
      Arno Helmling

      Hi Mikhail,

      thanks for your feedback.

      The rendering of the search result list will be made customizable via settings. It will be up to the user to decide how many items are displayed per page, if snippets are displayed or titles only, and if letterboxing is used or not.

      Settings are planned to be included in one of our next releases.

      Kind regards, Arno