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In previous releases, once you create a plant, you have to activate MRP for this plant via customizing path: IMG -> Production -> MRP -> Planning File Entries -> Activate MRP and Set Up Planning File or transaction code OMDU.

However, in S/4 HANA, this customizing path does not exist any more. /wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2_939187.png

For S/4 HANA it is decided that all plants are by default relevant for MRP. Technically this means that T001W-BEDPL=’X’ is always set for each plant. For S/4 HANA Cloud, it is set from SAP. For S/4 HANA On Premise, please use the workaround to set relevant flags in t-code OMDU currently.

Also, you can see the customizing path Convert Planning File Entries for MRP Areas does not exist in S/4 HANA either. In S/4 HANA, the report RMDBVM00, RMDBVM10(for conversion MDVM/MDVL into DBVM/DBVL and back) is not available any more.

Do you have any other question about the MRP related customizing? Let’s figure it out together one by one.

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  1. Amit Sharma


    Thanx for sharing…!!

    So when we activate MRP areas now, the conversion of planning file entries for MRP areas will happen in background automatically or it will be as default once MRP area is activated?


    Amit Sharma

    1. Jessica Li Post author

      Hi Caetano,

      Seems the link you added is this blog instead of the wiki you mentioned. Could you please confirm?


      1. Former Member

        there has to be a better way of doing this. Try telling the business to flag mtls as ND and see how they respond. Its all redundant data.

  2. Former Member


    Hello my name is Jon I have situation maybe your expertise in Production Planning can help with..

    We have 1 internal material that via CIMR links to multiple customer numbers. ie.

    20000000 = 1234567-A, 1234567-B and 1234567-C

    the letter at back defines customer ship to location

    A= Kentucky

    B= Dearborn

    C= Windsor

    we want to maintain 1 internal part number and plan based on customer demand by location.

    also each location may have different pack quantities with we can manage based on packaging instruction and packaging determination Type “SHIP” (material/ship-to)

    do you have some idea of how we can plan based on customer ship to ?


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