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20 FICO Tips – Series 2

Hello Community

The 2nd set of 20 FICO Tips in this series is right here. For those who missed the 1st series, here is the link. 20 FICO Tips – Series 1

Special thanks to Aleksey Tkachenko for providing latest insight on one of the points shared in Series 1

Sr. No. Knowledge Item Brief Description
1 When should you use Validations / Substitutions in CO [OKC7 / OKC9]. How are they different than the one in FI?
  • Validations and Substitutions in FI are triggered when the Posting happens in FI
  • But the Validations and Substitutions in CO are triggered,say, whenever the Cost Object is determined. For Example – In FI postings and to validate / substitute a Cost Center during Purchase Requisition or Purchase Order
2 How to know what all system messages are modified by the Customer (OBA5, OBMSG, etc)?
  • Table T100C stores this information
3 How to define / modify the field status for a movement type?
  • Field Statuses are possible not only for GL Accounts and Posting Keys, but also the Movement Types
  • Program RM07CUFA can be used to analyze / change the Field Status for Movement Type
  • A field [Cost Center or Order] can be mandatory in MM and Optional in FI, but not the other way round
4 How to retrieve the Order [Internal / Production] Statuses in one go?
  • Retrieve “Object Number” against the Order from Table AUFK. Read the Status from Table JEST, against the Object Number
  • FM BAPI_PRODORD_GET_DETAIL can be used during reports to get the same information
5 How do the Cost Element Categories impact +/- signs in COPA?
  • 12: Credit in FI = Minus in COPA

             Debit in FI = +ve in COPA


  • 11:  Credit in FI = +ve in COPA

              Debit in FI = Minus in COPA


  • 01: Credit in FI = Minus in COPA

             Debit in FI = +ve in COPA

  • Simply speaking, expenses are debited and revenues are credited in Accounting. So, if the posting corresponds to this, it receives +ve sign in COPA. Else, COPA gets -ve Sign
6 I forgot to create Cost Element for a GL Account. What are my Options now?
  • Once the GL is created as Cost Element, run OKBA to push the posting into CO
  • This may require a default account assignment object (OKB9 or KA02) for the posting to be pushed into CO. Once inside CO, a KB11N can be done to transfer the posting to intended cost objects
  • If the Posting is to be pushed into COPA, KE4SFI / KE4S can be used
7 Excise Invoice [CIN] can be created even though SD Invoice is not released to Accounting. How can I stop this?
  • Write Custom Code in FM J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_BEF_SAVE
8 I want to compare Table entries of 2 Clients (DEV and PRD) in a mass way and identify the differences instantly. How do I go?
  • TCode SCMP does that in a flash. (Comes really handy when you have to validate Production Client after your transports are moved before Go Live)
9 When is the COGS account in GBB-VAY triggered?
  • It is triggered when ABCOPA is active
  • It is triggered in MTO, when the Account Assignment Category has “Consumption Posting” <> Blank (Eg – Sales Order is a Cost Object)
10 Why can’t I use Production Orders as Receivers in the Assessment / Distribution Cycles?
  • The possible transactions against each Object Type are controlled in BS12
  • Object ORH (PP/PM Order) does not have Business Functions RKIU, RKIV allowed in it
11 I want to assign One Condition Type in SD to different Value Fields, depending on,say, Order Type, Bill Type, etc. What are my options?
  • Standard SAP: Not Possible
  • Workaround: Use COPA Costing Sheet (Very Complex)
  • Enhancement: Exit COPA0005 (Viable)
12 I have added Custom Fields in the Cost Center Master. But they are not available during Mass Maintenance
  • Note 95080 offers a solution
13 How do I view Assessment / Distribution Cycle Segments as a Snapshot?
  • The Tables that store the cycle details are

           T811C – Cycles

           T811S – Segements + allocation type

           T811K – Senders and receivers

           T811F – Factors

  • Table T811D stores the documents posted during allocation
14 How do I delete a EC-PCA document
  • Program RPCA_DEL_DOC / RPCA_DEL_REFDOC  (delete using Reference doc)
15 Is it possible to use Internal Orders as SENDERS in Assessment / Distribution Cycles?
  • Yes, Note 605281 offers a solution
16 How to Check and Remove duplicates / ambiguities in the CC Standard Hierarchy?
  • Check using SE38 – RKCORRH1 and
  • Correct using SE 38 – K_REMOVE_DOUBLES_FROM_STD_HIER
    • Refer Note 545453 if your system is below ECC 5.0
17 I can’t see the multiple selection option for Variables used in the COPA report
  • Local Variables don’t offer multiple selection option
  • Use Global Variable (KE3E)
18 Why are COPA number ranges not year dependent? 
  • Object COPA_IST in SNUM does not have the “To Year” Flag turned ON
19 I want to trigger a different GR/IR account based on Vendor / Vendor Account Group, etc ?
  • Use Exit LMR1M002 to code a custom logic
20 Is additional authorization check for COPA reports possible?
  • Authorization Objects can be defined from KE37 (Summary Reports) and KE97 (Line Item Reports)

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