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Hello Community

The 2nd set of 20 FICO Tips in this series is right here. For those who missed the 1st series, here is the link. 20 FICO Tips – Series 1

Special thanks to Aleksey Tkachenko for providing latest insight on one of the points shared in Series 1

Sr. No. Knowledge Item Brief Description
1 When should you use Validations / Substitutions in CO [OKC7 / OKC9]. How are they different than the one in FI?
  • Validations and Substitutions in FI are triggered when the Posting happens in FI
  • But the Validations and Substitutions in CO are triggered,say, whenever the Cost Object is determined. For Example – In FI postings and to validate / substitute a Cost Center during Purchase Requisition or Purchase Order
2 How to know what all system messages are modified by the Customer (OBA5, OBMSG, etc)?
  • Table T100C stores this information
3 How to define / modify the field status for a movement type?
  • Field Statuses are possible not only for GL Accounts and Posting Keys, but also the Movement Types
  • Program RM07CUFA can be used to analyze / change the Field Status for Movement Type
  • A field [Cost Center or Order] can be mandatory in MM and Optional in FI, but not the other way round
4 How to retrieve the Order [Internal / Production] Statuses in one go?
  • Retrieve “Object Number” against the Order from Table AUFK. Read the Status from Table JEST, against the Object Number
  • FM BAPI_PRODORD_GET_DETAIL can be used during reports to get the same information
5 How do the Cost Element Categories impact +/- signs in COPA?
  • 12: Credit in FI = Minus in COPA

             Debit in FI = +ve in COPA


  • 11:  Credit in FI = +ve in COPA

              Debit in FI = Minus in COPA


  • 01: Credit in FI = Minus in COPA

             Debit in FI = +ve in COPA

  • Simply speaking, expenses are debited and revenues are credited in Accounting. So, if the posting corresponds to this, it receives +ve sign in COPA. Else, COPA gets -ve Sign
6 I forgot to create Cost Element for a GL Account. What are my Options now?
  • Once the GL is created as Cost Element, run OKBA to push the posting into CO
  • This may require a default account assignment object (OKB9 or KA02) for the posting to be pushed into CO. Once inside CO, a KB11N can be done to transfer the posting to intended cost objects
  • If the Posting is to be pushed into COPA, KE4SFI / KE4S can be used
7 Excise Invoice [CIN] can be created even though SD Invoice is not released to Accounting. How can I stop this?
  • Write Custom Code in FM J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_BEF_SAVE
8 I want to compare Table entries of 2 Clients (DEV and PRD) in a mass way and identify the differences instantly. How do I go?
  • TCode SCMP does that in a flash. (Comes really handy when you have to validate Production Client after your transports are moved before Go Live)
9 When is the COGS account in GBB-VAY triggered?
  • It is triggered when ABCOPA is active
  • It is triggered in MTO, when the Account Assignment Category has “Consumption Posting” <> Blank (Eg – Sales Order is a Cost Object)
10 Why can’t I use Production Orders as Receivers in the Assessment / Distribution Cycles?
  • The possible transactions against each Object Type are controlled in BS12
  • Object ORH (PP/PM Order) does not have Business Functions RKIU, RKIV allowed in it
11 I want to assign One Condition Type in SD to different Value Fields, depending on,say, Order Type, Bill Type, etc. What are my options?
  • Standard SAP: Not Possible
  • Workaround: Use COPA Costing Sheet (Very Complex)
  • Enhancement: Exit COPA0005 (Viable)
12 I have added Custom Fields in the Cost Center Master. But they are not available during Mass Maintenance
  • Note 95080 offers a solution
13 How do I view Assessment / Distribution Cycle Segments as a Snapshot?
  • The Tables that store the cycle details are

           T811C – Cycles

           T811S – Segements + allocation type

           T811K – Senders and receivers

           T811F – Factors

  • Table T811D stores the documents posted during allocation
14 How do I delete a EC-PCA document
  • Program RPCA_DEL_DOC / RPCA_DEL_REFDOC  (delete using Reference doc)
15 Is it possible to use Internal Orders as SENDERS in Assessment / Distribution Cycles?
  • Yes, Note 605281 offers a solution
16 How to Check and Remove duplicates / ambiguities in the CC Standard Hierarchy?
  • Check using SE38 – RKCORRH1 and
  • Correct using SE 38 – K_REMOVE_DOUBLES_FROM_STD_HIER
    • Refer Note 545453 if your system is below ECC 5.0
17 I can’t see the multiple selection option for Variables used in the COPA report
  • Local Variables don’t offer multiple selection option
  • Use Global Variable (KE3E)
18 Why are COPA number ranges not year dependent? 
  • Object COPA_IST in SNUM does not have the “To Year” Flag turned ON
19 I want to trigger a different GR/IR account based on Vendor / Vendor Account Group, etc ?
  • Use Exit LMR1M002 to code a custom logic
20 Is additional authorization check for COPA reports possible?
  • Authorization Objects can be defined from KE37 (Summary Reports) and KE97 (Line Item Reports)

THANKS for reading the document. I invite your suggestions, feedback

THANKS to all those who read, shared, gave their valuable feedback, rated & liked the 1st document in the Series 20 FICO Tips – Series 1

Thanks & Regards

Ajay Maheshwari

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  1. Rohit raj

    Dear Ajay Sir,

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable knowledge. I should say we are privileged to have a Great person like you in the SDN Community who always stand upfront in sharing your knowledge for the queries raised in the community.

    Thanks a lot sir. It really helps a lot for the people like Me who are new to this industry.


    Rohit Raj. 🙂


    Dear Ajay,

    It is good information and a guideline to others also to share in this way. Thank you very much and expecting more in similar manner.


    1. Former Member

      Hi Ajay,

      Thanks for sharing very helpful tips, your 1st item and 19th items  are very helpful and majority of the forum people not aware of those areas.

      Really appreciate for your knowledge sharing.



      1. Hidyath pasha

        Dear Ajay sir, can you please take me course on controlling i am from Bangalore i dont find good institution who teaches controlling  if any knows you please provide me some details to contact i am looking for controlling course very badly

  3. Hidyath pasha

    Dear Ajay sir thanks for sharing awesome knowledge i have doubt here as you mention forgot cost element with OKBA t code i have tried but cost center and controlling document are not generated please  advice

  4. Rajneesh Saxena


    Personally me and the total scn community will always remain indebted to you coz despire of your over busy schedules you find time to help us.

    Thanks a lot for kindness.

    High regards


  5. Former Member

    Hi Ajay,

    I somehow missed this one. Thanks for sharing with us. My Personal favorite is point 5, right from my student days 🙂 . If not for it, i had always struggled to remember it. People will be “head over heels” if they get it when they need to design COPA value field usage, wherein a single Value field needs to be used for both F and B Record Types.

    Thanks Once Again. I hope,wish and pray that there are many more of such documents coming.

    Thanks & Regards

    Surya Varma

  6. Abhinav Malik

    Hi Ajay Sir,

    Again a wonderful document to enhance our knowledge.

    Great Thanks to you 🙂 🙂


    Abhinav Malik

  7. Former Member

    Hi Ajay,

    Its pretty useful document, Your valuable effort to the community is highly appreciated. Please continue to provide us your guidance. It’s so important for many many people to make progress in their sap careers.

    Thanks once again.



  8. Viviana Estrada

    A great contribution. Thanks for sharing this kind of tips. So, in addition, i only want to say,  be careful with the 6 and 14 tips when you have the NGL solution active, because a lot of PCA functions changed and the implication of for example, delete a document, could be a little dangerous. . Take on account these notes. 937872/826357

  9. Former Member

    Dear Ajay,

    Thanks for sharing again.

    It is great to see such a great compilation in simple and to the point words.Hopefully I will use some of the TIP’s in future.

    I am glad to be associated with you and cherish every word your on blogs and notes

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  10. Former Member

    Hi Ajay sir,

    I’m looking for a career in SAP FICO

    this inf is very useful for my interviews ….

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  11. Former Member


    This is huge, I mean loads of information for resolving issues and triggers more productive thoughts in related area/ concepts

    Thanks for being soo kind to share and you are exceptionally knowledble

  12. Hidyath pasha

    Hi Ajay sir

    We all know you are genius in FI/CO  we want some solution below

    1. T code to post the directly recon account

    2. Direct crediting the assest with out depreciation


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