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Hello All,

In this blog I have explained easy steps to add custom employee fields, change field types and to edit/add custom picklist values in the portlets.

For example: I have selected ‘Special Assignments/Projects’ under Talent Profile where a custom field ‘Completion status’ is required as per client along with other default fields: From Date, End Date, Assignment/Project & Description.


Step 1: After Login to Successfactors instance, goto Admin Center, click ‘Define Employee Fields’ under ‘Employee Files’ as below.


Step 2: In this screen you see list of background fields with lines of information in rows. Scroll down to required field, Click on the drop down arrow and ‘’Add Field’’ to add new field as below.


Step 3: You can now see the new field add ‘’ Custom Field 1’’. To rename the field as ‘’Completion status’’, click on the translation button/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/14_938485.png  next to custom field.


Step4: Change the text from Custom field 1 to ‘’Completion status ‘’ as below and click OK.


Step 5: As you have now created a custom field, the field type is ‘Text’ by default. To change the field type to any other field type, click on the arrow then click ‘Change type’ as below.


Step 6: A window opens where you can change the field type to any other data type. Select any data type and click ‘Change Type’ button.


Step 7: Since I have selected ‘Picklist’, I can add the custom picklist values in the window by clicking on ‘Add’ then ‘Save’ as below.



You have now successfully added a custom field with custom picklist values. Click ‘Save’


You can now check the background fields with the updated custom fields and picklist values.


Thanks & Regards

Sabina P

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    1. Madhava Rao Basava

      Hi Sabina,

      Thanks for the document. Could you please explain the path on how to view the background fields for the ‘Special Assignments / Projects’.

      Does special Assignments / projects to be enables using the ‘Employee files layout’?



      1. Sabina Paskuraj Post author

        Hi Madhav,

        1. To view Talent Profile

        Employee files -> Configure Employee Files -> Talent Profile. Click the checkbox under Show/Hide. By this step you will be able to view Talent Profile under the Public Profile.

            2. To customize background element

        Admin Center ->Employee files -> Configure Employee Files -> Talent Profile. Click the Edit button under Action. Scroll to get Special Assignments/Projects under Background elements. Click ‘Insert Portlet’ if Special Assignments/Projects is not enabled. In the next screen list of portlets will appear, scroll for required portlet and click ADD and Save.

        blog pic.jpg

        blog pic1.jpg

        You can also add custom portlets.

        Thanks & Regards

        Sabina P

  1. Meena Kumari R

    Hi Sabina,

    It is a great one!

    I’m in sales demo, trying to configure your above article but I could not able to find “Talent profile”. I have created custom filed of Comment with Picklist and attachment. Kindly suggest how to view it.


    1. Sabina Paskuraj Post author

      Hi Naresh,

      You are not able to view Talent profile because I think you dont have Role Based Permissions to your user. Pls follow below steps for RBP.

      Step 1:


      Step 2: Select your role group and follow as below.


      Step 3:


      Step 4: Employee Views -> Talent Profile . click Done and Save.


      You should be able to view and edit Talent Profile now.

      Thanks & Regards

      Sabina P

  2. Meena Kumari R

    Hi Sabina,

    In our instance People Profile and other features has been upgraded. That’s right I have configred background element and Talent Profile and gave above permissions for it. Now it is getting displayed.


    Naresh B.


  3. Tejas Shah

    Hi Sabina,
    Thanks for a very informative article. I want to add ‘Region’ as a custom field under Addresses,how do i do that? do i have to amend CSF datamodel at the backend ¬†? Region will be appearing as picklist . as required by the client
    Your valuable inputs will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks and regards,
    Tejas Shah

  4. Dan Salter

    Can you confirm how you report on these custom fields? Is it even possible to do so?

    I have a situation where a client has custom picklist fields in their forms and they are unable to report on them. I have a feeling that it’s not possible with client side tools but was wondering if you know of a way to do it?

    Thank you and great post.

  5. Mikhail Drobyshevskiy

    Attachment properties have attributes sf:Insertable / sap:creatable, sf:Updatable / sap:updatable, sf:Upsertable / sap:upsertable set to “false”. How we can change them to insert or upsert attachment via OData API?

    1. Sabina Paskuraj Post author

      Hi Mikhail

      This can be done from Provisioning.

      Export the data model.

      You will find below xml downloaded. Search and identify ¬†the particular data field which you want to change. Add as shown below: Upsertable =”true” Updatable¬†=”true”.

      If¬†Upsertable &¬†Updatable already exists, then change it from “false” to “true”.

      Save and import back the file to provisioning.


      Note: The update sometimes takes 24 – 48 hrs for me, after which you can check in Odata API dictionary in instance.

      Also take a copy of Data model before changing.


      Sabina Paskuraj


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