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SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Password Self-Service for Support Users

If you’ve been following our blog series on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you know that the Launchpad is now the default method of accessing SAP Support online.


Did you know that with the new Launchpad your users can now manage their own login credentials?  This means no more password resets and retrieving login information for you, the Super Admin!  We know that for the busy admin, any way that we can empower your users is best.  With this self-service solution, users can retrieve and reset their own passwords and view their login username.  (You may still be asked to help them retrieve their user name from within your User Management application if they are unable to login due to a lost username.  For more information on user management, click here.)


While super administrators used to manage the password resets for a single system (Service Marketplace), this password self-service allows users to manage their credentials across the many systems that utilize the same access system (including the Support Portal and Launchpad).  Once a reset request is submitted to the system, the user should receive an email with an activation code, allowing them to reset their password and get back to work!




Need to retrieve your password?

You can use your email address to reset your password on the login page.


1.) On the login page, click the ‘Forgot password?’ hyperlink



2.) Enter your email address or username (SXXXXXXXXXX format)



3.) If the email address is assigned to an active SAP Support Portal user, an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password. Within this email, click ‘Click here to reset your password’.



4.) Following the on screen password requirements, set your new password.



Don’t know your username?
Please note that you cannot log into the Launchpad or set up your SSO certificate with your email address. Because of this, your email address is not a replacement for your username.


To find your username (if you are already logged in), please:


1.) Click the login page and use the instructions above to log in


2.) Click ‘your name’ at the top of the page


3.) Select ‘Change my password’ from the drop down (pictured below)



4.) Make note of your username (SXXXXXXXXXX format) in the User ID section.





Want a single sign-on experience?  Be sure to install our SAP Browser Passport to simplify your login.


Any questions?  Let me know in the comments section below!


Best Regards,



Jamie Cantrell

Client Communications Manager

SAP Customer Experience

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  • Very nice ... just wished things worked faster.  When passwords need to be reset, there is usually an immediate need to get in.  A delay of a day is completely unacceptable.

    • Hi Randy,

      I'm unaware of a day-long delay in password reset.  The user should receive an email right away with the activation/reset information.  Please submit an incident if this is not your experience.



      • Hello Jamie,

        Where would you like the incident?  Since as far as I know, which I did confirm with one of my co-workers, I have yet to receive my password reset for one of our customer id's 🙂   I have since managed to get what I needed through other means, but it would be nice to actually get our id working again too 🙂

        XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR or another component?

        ps - I am a VAR partner, so the report an incident function is not the way we typically send issues to SAP.  Although I guess if I do this as an itelligence issue instead of one of our customers I could.  Let me know how you would like it 🙂

          • Hi Randy,

            Apologies for the delayed response.  I've been in and out over the US Holiday.  You are correct, the XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR is the correct component.  The team reinforced that there's no way the password reset should take that long, so would definitely recommend some further investigation from the support team.



  • The Self-Service function for the users is helpful.

    However, I totally dislike that the s-user administrator cannot reset passwords any more at all. It is sometimes much easier to reset a password for a user them to explain the self-Service function. Also, there are s-user like the one you need to connect the Solution Manager to the OSS that are now much harder to reset.

    Adding a new function is good, disabling a function that was existing for the last 15 years is not.

  • Is it possible for the super administrator to find an initial password for a newly created OSS user (as it used to be in the past) ?   If yes, can somebody explain me where ?  Having to explain the self-portal to a user that forgot his password is one thing, but having to refer the user to the self-portal from the very first begin and wait before being able to logon is another thing (not too acceptable in my eyes) ...

    • Hello Dirk,

      The initial password is setup by SAP when you request the new ID.  You don't actually create the initial password.  It will show up on the Requested Users tab after SAP creates the id.

  • A super administrator can see the initial passwords by going to the requested users tab up top once you get into the user administration.

  • Hello Randy, ah ok that's good to know.  Searching or taking other tabs will not show the initial passwords, but I see them indeed in the "requested users" tab.  Thanks for your help.

  • Hello Jamie, maybe you can help me, I have my own S-USER, which was given to me by SAP as part of my certification on ABAP.

    I have no problems using it to search for SAP notes in the old support KB ( so it's still active, but when I try to use the same S-USER to access the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad, I can’t login. If I try to reset the password I get a message saying something like “The admin has locked your account or the account hasn’t been activated through mail link sent”. I have no valid email account associated to the user, in fact I never knew which email account was associated to it, but I suppose it's the one from the company I was at when I certified (I don't have it anymore).

    I’ve also tried to login using my SCN user but got the message that the P-USER doesn’t have access, and I need an S-USER (I don’t know if there’s a way to link both usernames)

    How can I recover or activate S-USER for the new support site?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Alejandro,

      That's an interesting question.  I'm trying to understand the situation because it sounds like you are not associated with a customer account.  My understanding is that the S-User ID must be associated with an active email address and an active customer account to work in the Launchpad.  If you believe that you should have access, I'd call the SAP Customer Interaction Center and ask them to investigate.



      • That's right, the customer was my employer at that time. But since I had that user as part of my certification, directly from SAP, shouldn't I be able to keep it irrespective of my employer? I fact it's still active and I use it frequently, it just doesn't work in the new site.

        I'll write to SAP support about this.


  • Hi.

    When I log in to the launchpad a browser alert pop's up asking for a username and a password. I put my log-in credentials and nothing happens (as if the were wrong), thus not being able to access launchpad functions.



  • Hi,
    I have three S-Users, all registered with the same eMail. now I'm only able to reset the S-User at first position, but not an other.
    Any possibility to request a reset not only the first in list with  eMail, but for a dedicated S-User?

    Thanks for help