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How to check the G/L account maintained for transaction e.g. GBB

    Sometimes after posting material documents, user found the G/L account for transactions in accounting
document is unexpected. But how to check the customizing of G/L account maintained for transactions?
Please let me take transaction GBB for example and introduce it:

    Firstly you need to access T-code OB62, to get the “Chart of Accounts” which is assigned to the company
code in your case.


    Secondly please goto T-code SE16 and display table T001K. Get the value of field “BWMOD” for corresponding
valuation area and company code. This is for “Valuation modification”.


    If you need to know the “General modification”, you can run T-code OME9 for the corresponding account
assignment in your case and get the value of “Account Modification”.
Also in T-code MM03, you can get the
“Valuation class” in the ‘Accounting’ view for
this material.



    Finally, you can run T-code OBYC and select transaction GBB, enter the “Chart of Accounts” you got in the
first step, you can see the G/L accounts maintained for all “Valuation modification” and “Valuation class”.

You can select the line according to the value you got in the steps above, and check the accounts.


Hope this is helpful and you like it 🙂

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