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Google Analytics & SAP Fiori

There is need to Analyse Deployed apps on web (or published document public on web)

  • So by Analyzing we can get to know from where deployed application is accessed.
  • How much current users on deployed application.
  • Or from which region user access application
  • From which platform user access application (like Mobile, Desktop or tablet)
  • Preferable browser for users (Like Chrome, Mozilla and IE)

Depending on results , we can make changes in application.

In market so many tools are available and Among them I used Google Analytic to  check how it works with Fiori applications.

Below are steps to implement it with HANA on demand trial account.

Fiori Application on HANA Cloud Platform (with HANA on Demand Trial Account)

Link: https://*******


Go to Google Analytics: (

Create new project add URL of application and get Tracking ID of URL


Get JavaScript code from Google Analytics and add it into index.html page of Fiori application.


Now can use all functionally of Analytics:

Live Status:


Region wise Status:



Traffic Source:


Also use all reports from Google analystics.

Happy coding 🙂

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  • Hi Kalpan

    I like what you are trying to do ...and this would be even better if you could start with a paragraph or 2 on why you wanted to use Google Analytics rather than other analytic options.

    It would also be great if you could include a couple of links on how to get started with Google Analytics

    that would really lift this document up to the next level



  • Hi Kalpan,

    I think this won't work when you integrate the app in the Fiori-Launchpad because the app is not loaded over the "index.html" but over the Component-Controller defined in "Component.js".

    Where should I place the JavaScript-Code for Google Analytics in the Fiori-Launchpad-Scenario?

    Thanks, Oliver

    • Hi,

      Did you get any solution where we need to add the tracking code when we integrate the app in Fiori launchpad?

      Also, if we want to track complete launchpad activity will it work...what tile user is using,what activity is he performing on Fiori launchpad ?

      Thanks & Regards,




    • /