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Administration Best Practices for SAP Design Studio BI Platform Add-on Webcast Question & Answer

Administration Best Practices for SAP Design Studio BI Platform Add-on Webcast Question & Answer

This was from a webcast last week.

SAP answered the questions below

Q: When Design Studio Add-On is Installed on Mobile Server in DMZ – not hosting any CMC on the node, there will be not Analysis Application Service available on that node, is that correct

A: Thats correct there will be no APS installed on the machine in the DMZ

Q: How can I verify the succeful installation of Design Studio on the Web Tier in a distributed environment ? Design StudioWS is available.

A: No dsws is part of the platform infrastructure.

Design Studio just uses dsws to communicate between Designer and CMS for storage/retrievel of analysis applications or upload/download of SDK extensions

The presence of dsws does not imply that design studio is installed

Q: How can I verify now the Design Studio on the webtier ?

A:  We can check the installation logs to verify on webtier .

Q: Webtier of us is a Tomcat on Linux; CMS/Process Tier is on WIndows. We just do a predeploy on the bo-server and and copy the files on the tomcat. Running the Design Studio over the platform doesn’t work; it seems as the Design Studio is missing on the webtier ;-((

A: in theory this setup is fine, we use a corba transport layer to send requests from web Tier to an APS

I guess you need to check your setup/install logs on Web Tier on the Linux machine to see if the install was successful

It shouldn’t matter that you have a mixed OS environment

Q: will design studio add-on ever be included in BOBJ enterprise so we don’t have to do seperate installs each time we upgrade/apply a patch? Patching takes long enough the way it is with downtime, and now we have to do two different installs each time if we use Design Studio?

A: not a PM but i would say this is unlikely

Q: Applications->DesignStudi: Readacces for all. And defined the AccessLevel on FolderLevel where the Design Studio Reports are stored. Is this a security problem ?

A: That is normal platform behavior

Q: is there a precise explanation available, what exactly xms and xmx paramters are used for?

for the APS

A: That is the memory configuration for the JVM running the OSGi container  on the APS

Q: I am familiar with a best practice guide that says to only adapt the xmx parameter, not xms

A: The flag Xmx specifies the maximum memory allocation pool for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), while Xms specifies the initial memory allocation pool.

Q: can one also change the data cell limit for Charts as well?

A:  currently it is not possible to change the limit for charts. For 1.6 SP2 the charts can display up to 35,000 points in a single chart.

Q: is it true that these parametes should never be larger than 8G??

A: Depends on the available memory on your machine and if the JVM is 32 or 64 bit

Q: I once heard that when its larger than 8G, the APS spends more time with garbage collection…even when the server i.e. has 128GQ

A: It may not make sense to add a lot of memory if you only have 15 corba connections open between Web Tier and APS.

We set 15 by default, that means you can have 15 concurrent users served from one APS instance

If you have lots of memory it may never be used so you would have to adjust settings to take advantage

Q: Purpose of DSL Universe

A: dimensional semantic layer

Universe is an abstraction on top of a data source

There are two kinds Relational and Dimensional

unv and unx

We use DSL as we are an OLAP tool # Here is a nice article on Universe & DSL topic

Q: having problem connecting multi-sourced universe with Design Studio.

A: We don’t support multi source

Q: viewing categories on Mobile

A: Short answer, no there is no way to view categories as hierarchies in the Mobi container. Note mobi is a separate product not maintained or directly owned by the Design Studio Team

Q: which component of the BIP addon goes onto the CMS box?

A: Repository of metadata –

Q: We need to design individual datasources for each charts we create.  Can we re-use single datasource which has various dimensions/measures which is coming from a single hana calculation view where we can drag drop the required columns for analysis at different components level?

A: at the moment it is not possible no. The only workaround is to use the Data Selection property to filter out some data on the client side.

You can re-use the same data source among many components.

Q: if we have row level and column level security in universe so if we are using this universe in design studio will this security reflectt in design studio

A: assume security reflected in Design Studio; sit in middleware called BICS; it takes care of security

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      Author's profile photo Sivakumar Chandrasekaran
      Sivakumar Chandrasekaran

      Thanks Tammy Powlas! good info about server side config for Design studio.