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Creation of Procedure call in SAP BRF+

For embedding the ABAP function modules into BRF+ we can use the procedure call.

Step 1.Choose any ABAP function module

Sample function module: CONVERSION_EXIT_ISOLA_INPUT

Let’s see the functionality of this function module.

This function module is used to convert for example if the language code (DE), then it is converted to corresponding Language key (D).


Step 2. Check the importing parameters and exporting parameters in function module.

So that we can avoid the type compatibility issues while using this function module in SAP BRF+ easily.

Step 3. Create a function as shown below


  • Give the function name and text and click on create and navigate to object.


  • Select the mode for function, let’s use the functional mode.


  • Now we create the two data objects lv_input and lv_output as per the function module in ABAP. As these data objects need to be the input and output for the function in its signature. Click on add new data object as shown below.


  • Choose element and click on create and navigate to object.


  • Provide the details for input as shown below and click on ok.


  • Activate the data element lv_input. By clicking on activate button.
  • Now we create the output data element lv_output for the function as shown below.


  • Choose element and click on create and navigate to object.


  • Provide the details as shown below.


  • Activate the data element lv_output. By clicking on activate button.
  • We have the input and output for the function as shown in below screenshot.


Step 4.Now we create an expression for function call in top expression of function.


  • Choose as shown below.


  • Provide the details as shown below.


  • Choose the call type as function module in procedure call .


  • And give the function module name CONVERSION_EXIT_ISOLA_INPUT and click enter .


  • If you want you can ignore the exception just click on Ignore exception. Then your ignored exception will be shown like this.


  • Now we have to map the BRF+ function parameters to the ABAP function module parameters. For that click on add parameters. Add the input and output which are the importing and exporting parameters of CONVERSION_EXIT_ISOLA_INPUT.


  • We get the input and output as shown below.


  • Click on the input and do the same for output we get this screen shown below.


  • Click on the select context parameter for input mapping.



  • Click on the select context parameter for output mapping.


  • After mapping we get the following screen.


  • Now activate the expression exp_pc_call and the function FU_PC_CALL .Our procedure call is in top expression in function.

Step 5.Lets test the function with procedure call.

  • Click on the simulation in function.

Provide the input as DE and click execute.


  • We get the output as shown below.


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  • Hi Jahnavi,

    It is so clear for  beginners  and easy to follow the navigation while creation of procedure call  at BRF Workbench.

    Thank You,


  • Hi Jahnavi,

    I tried to use the given approach to call a FM - RSNDI_SHIE_STRUCTURE_GET3 which involves structures as Import and Export parameters. I created relevant structures with specific databinding from DDIC but in the Procedure Call expression when I try to Map Elements to Source Table I get the bellow Error:

    Exp Proc Call Hier (Expression) : Mapping to source table not possible for parameter E_T_HIERSTRUC (Technical Details)

    For Source Table for Column Update: I created a Table in BRFPlus with the same structure as the Result Data Object Structure.

    Please help me understand what I am doing  wrong or missing here.


  • Hi Saurabhn,

    I have gone through function module RSNDI_SHIE_STRUCTURE_GET3 .In the exporting parameters we have E_S_HIEDIR but you are trying to map a table instead of structure .Mapping from BRF+ doesnot allow table here ,it expects the structure .Could you please try to create the parameters in BRF+ which are similar to Importing and exporting parameters of FM.

    Best Regards,
    Jahnavi Teja Venati.

  • Hi Jahnavi

    I tried to use Function modul BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL. There i have several export parameters. Return is mandatory. How can i create the right correct procedure?


    Best regards