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Have you heard of Splash?

If you are wondering how to create great apps, like the SAP Fiori apps, there is good news. We are sharing our design experience and provide you with a nice tool called SAP Splash. Our ‘Design Thinking’ approach is very visible in this tool and fully embedded. It will help you to go from requirements gathering to validating a prototype and starting development much faster and better. Let’s walk through such a scenario.

You have been tasked to design an app where account managers and customers can quickly review energy programs and start the enrollment. After an initial meeting and interviewing potential users you have a good overall idea and some sketches from a whiteboard. What’s next? Creating a 167-page requirement document for sign-off and hand-over to development? No, there must be something better.

Luckily a friend at SAP told you about Splash. You created an account (free of charge) and can now use this online tool to design a working prototype. You started with a template and created a first version. Now you can share this prototype with the team for online testing and feedback.

Here is what the tool looks like working on the first page and how the first page of the new app ‘Energy Efficiency Programs’ looks like, this took less than 1 hour:



After adding a few more pages, a working prototype can be finalized and is ready for development. The tool can even generate large parts of the app code. All of this was done in less than a week and the outcome is very predictable, the users will get what you designed with them.

Do I need to say more?

Please visit to learn more about SAP Splash.

Cheers, Robert

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