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SAP MRS : Influence MRS web planning board UI elements’ text, quickinfo ..

SAP MRS – MultiResource Scheduling is a resource scheduling solution. Application help, installation guides etc can be found here: SAP Multiresource Scheduling 10 – SAP Help Portal Page

Ever wondered if UI elements such as Assignments, Time-specifications, Resource, Sumbar, TravelTime can be changed with respect to text and quickinfo/tool tip?

Here is a quick guide to achieve this:

SAP GUI users can easily use the BAdI /MRSS/SGU_DESC_DETER.

This BAdI has intuitive methods to achieve this.

However for the WEB version of the planning board has a different story!

1. Refer to the MRS IMG node : /n/MRSS/IMG

                                                             -> Set Up Scheduler Workplace

                                                                       -> Workplace Profiles

                                                                                -> Web-Based User Interface

                                                                                          -> Define Graphical Elements for Web-Based Planning Board

2. In the left hand side Dialog Structure navigate to Maintain Text Templates.

Instead of editing standard text templates i would recommend to create Z text templates in the right hand side of the screen.

It is very easy to create a Z text template via the ‘New Entries’ button.

Template Text example can be :

<HTML><H2>Assignment:</H2><UL><LI>Begin:{BEG_UZEIT+0(2)}:{BEG_UZEIT+2(2)} {BEGDA+6(2)}.{BEGDA+4(2)}.{BEGDA+0(4)}</LI><LI>End:{END_UZEIT+0(2)}:{END_UZEIT+2(2)} {ENDDA+6(2)}.{ENDDA+4(2)}.{ENDDA+0(4)}</LI><LI>Description:{Description}</LI></UL></HTML>

The above template text is purely an example and renders text with Begin Date/time End Date/time of assignment and Note.

You can explore more fields of assignments/time specs or any UI elements to use them in the template text.



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