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troubleshooting for full load issue(CRM -> BW)


Have you encountered the issue that some of the fields are blank in the full load result?

Have you encountered the issue that the value of some field seems not correct in the full load result?

I would like to share checking process for this kind of issue with you today.

  1. check if this issue could be reproduced by RSA3 in source system
    If not, please check the PSA table in BW system. There should be value for the affected fields. Then you need to check the this issue further in BW system.
    If yes, please check the following steps.
  2. check where the affected field should get value from by transaction code BWA1 (for example, the affected datasource is 0CRM_OPPT_H, the affected field is MKT_ELEMENT)
    In the mapping tab, we could find that field MKT_ELEMENT gets value from segment field OBJKEY_A in segment DOC_FLOW.
  3. run function module CRM_ORDER_READ by transaction code SE38, and check the segment and segment field in step 2.
    For the sample document, there is value for segment field OBJKEY_A. Then please refer to subsequent steps and check this issue further.If there is no value for segment field OBJKEY_A, the current behavior is correct. In other words, there is no problem with this extractor.
  4. find the mapping module by transaction code BWA1
  5. set breakpoint at function module CRM_BW_OPPT_H_MAP and check why the value of segment field OBJKEY_A is not mapping to affected field MKT_ELEMENT.

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