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Guide: Start using the ERP Cockpit in SAP Cloud for Customer

Organizations frequently require insight in ECC information like Sales Orders, Deliveries, and Billing Documents etc. directly from SAP Cloud for Customer. SAP C4C provides the following functionalities;

  • ECC Search
  • Account 360 for recent orders
  • ERP Customer Factsheet offers a PDF factsheet without the need for a VPN connection
  • ERP Cockpit

The configuration for the ERP Cockpit is fast and easy and provides a standard Customer Cockpit that can be personalized by the user. Further customization of the ERP Cockpit is also possible, but requires custom coding on the customer cockpit functionality in SAP ECC.

Although the ERP Cockpit can be opened on a tablet, the ERP Cockpit is not optimized for touch navigation. Also a VPN connection is needed to access an ERP system in general. The ERP Cockpit is aimed at the (internal) Sales employee to quickly navigate to customer sales documents from SAP C4C.


SAP ERP Integration

The following graphic shows the integration options for Master Data with SAP ERP. The ERP Cockpit and the Customer factsheet are highlighted.



  • Minimum ERP 6.0, EHP 0, Support Package15 (SAP_APPL)
  • SAP BASIS 7.0, Support Package 18 (SAP_BASIS)
  • SAP Cloud for Customer Add-On CODERINT 600 (COD_ERP_INT 6.00). Requires latest Support Package.
  • Higher EHP for specific functionality
  • EHP4 to view print delivery of deliveries and invoices
  • Adobe Document Server for preview of an ERP customer fact sheet in a PDF format.
  • SAP NW PI 7.1, Enhancement Package 1 (PI 7.11) or higher
  • Eclipse for new customer integration scenarios

Configuration in SAP ECC

1. Go to transaction SFW5 and activate business function SD_01. Before activating check this link


2. Start transaction SICF, enter CFS_APPLICATION into the field ServiceName and press F8. The service cfs_application is shown in the next screen.


3. Right click on the screen and select Test Service.

4. A web browser is opened with an URL. Copy this URL to Notepad

Alternatively you can also do the following: Start transaction SE80, select Web Dynpro Comp/Intf. and enter CFS_COMPONENT and click Display . Then open web dynpro applications cfs_application and under the properties, copy the URL from field URL. 3. Now you can paste the URL in the mash-up and save your work.

Double Click on the CSF_APPLICATION node

6. On the Logon tab enter a (system) user and password

7. On the Error Pages list click on the Configuration button

8. Check the box “Deactivate login XSRF Protection


9. Save

Configuration: Cloud for Customer

1. In the Administrator work center choose Mashup Authoring and search for ERP Account Cockpit  (SM00105) and click on Edit URL and paste the url from step 4. This mashup is standard delivered in C4C and cannot be changed (Parameters, Port binding etc.)


2. Click on preview.

3. Add Communication arrangement in the Administrator Workcenter General settings

4. Edit mash up URL and activate the mash up. Now the ERP cockpit is available on the Account Sales Data tab.

5. Click on Communication Arrangement

6. Click on New

7. Add “Business Partner Customer Fact Sheet from SAP Business Suite”

8. Business Data


9. Technical Data

10. Edit Advanced Settings


Test the Customer Factsheet / ERP Cockpit

1. In C4C open a Customer that is also available in ECC. (In this example the customer has external id 1)

2. Go to the Sales Data tab and select a Sales Area


3. Go to the sprocket wheel (Actions) and select ERP Cockpit

4. A new browser window opens in which the External id of the C4C account and the sales area are pre filled and click on Start


5. The ECC Customer Factsheet is opened


From here on you have done the configuration to make the ERP Cockpit available in C4C. The final configuration of the ERP Cockpit (and factsheet) requires SAP ERP SD skills so make sure you have these available in your project. Once you have the ERP Cockpit opened you can jump to the PDF factsheet. For this you need to have installed the Adobe Document Server on ERP.

Also make sure that you comply to your organization’s security policy regarding the use of a system users and deactivating the login XSRF Protection in steps 6 and 7 in the ECC configuration part.

For further information regarding the ERP Cockpit in SAP ECC check the following SAP notes:

For more SAP Cloud for Customer blogs, Tips and Tricks please visit the Acorel Blog Series here

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Request if you can please provide some information on ECC Search Set up.

      We have already know the ERP Complaint Management communication arrangement , but need  the Process integration scenario in PI.

      The Integration Guide says NA.

      Any document help to set this up will help.



      Piyush Gandhi

      Author's profile photo Ankur Godre
      Ankur Godre


      Could you provide specifically configuratin settings to be done for 'Customer Factsheet' (For ECC - C4C Integration scenario) on:

      ECC system


      C4C System



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Ankur

      You will be able to find the factsheet configuration in the blog named;

      Guide: Start using ERP cockpit in SAP Cloud for customer.

      It has the configuration steps for configuring Factsheet as well. ( Please review steps)

      The additional steps for factsheet (pdf)

      a. You will need to configure communication arrangement for Business Partner customer factsheet from business suite and configure the PI iflow.

      also you will need to ensure that on ECC side Adobe document server is available to view the pdf version.

      For the cockpit and factsheet it will use the same SM0005 mash up setting as explained. above




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I implemented the erp cockpit in our c4c tenant. It works fine so far. But the hyperlinks of the sales documents a not working. Are there more steps to do?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Alexander

      We also have the same issue

      Try the following steps and see if this resolves the issue

      The Setting is in ECC

      CFS_Application setting in ECC.JPG

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it didn't help.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Alexander

      Suggest create a C4C Incident and also a ECC OSS message and request SAP to look into the issue

      We also have the same issue and OSS team is trying to diagnose and suggest the solution. They asked us to first confirm the above steps, hence I provided you those steps.

      Next steps is to bring this issue to SAP Support.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Guus Dorenbos,

      Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Really helpful information.

      In Customer Fact Sheet, system is displaying all details pertaining to the customer but I could not understand the following points.  Requesting you to help me out with your experience.

      Where are the key figure values determining from? Where can we find these key figure values in on-premise system (ECC)?

      How do the Order tracking and Sales Document search tabs work?  Please explain.

      Thank you in advance.


      Author's profile photo Burak Balkaya
      Burak Balkaya


      Does anyone have an idea, how ERP Cockpit can be used for multi backends?

      Best Regards,

      Burak Balkaya


      Author's profile photo Sriram G R
      Sriram G R


      In addition to the well-documented guidelines provided by Guus, I would like to share a few points that have come up in my customer engagements:

      • User’s logging into ERP should have the internal sales rep role to view the details properly – SAP_SR_INT_SALES_REP_6


      • The webDynPro URL of the application only works if the sales representative is using the cockpit as a read-only screen, but navigation from the initial page to further details like the Order, User etc won’t work if the webDynPro URL is used. This is intended as the cockpit was supposed to be used from within Netweaver Portal environment. This can be mimicked if we use the URL in the following format –****/sap/bc/nwbc/~canvas;window=app/wda/cust_cockpit_comp



      This URL has to be maintained at the C4C Mashup – SM001005. With this URL maintained and the user having the right role, navigation from the Cockpit to any details should work.


      • Cockpit uses a buffering feature which ensures that the performance is in alignment with SAP standards. The flipside to this is that it expects a named user login to ERP Cockpit. That is, each sales rep should use his \ her own user credentials to login to ERP. If a communication user is shared across employees, the results shown in the cockpit are not reliable.
      Author's profile photo Luis Hernandez
      Luis Hernandez

      Hi Guus.


      Thank you for this blog, very usefull information.


      Got two questions: Which is the communication arrangement that has to be created? and the does it  matter that the communication system has checked the flag "on-premise? I mean, does it works similar to the old configuration for "360 View"?


      Hope for you to help me, please.


      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Alessandro Sartorelli
      Alessandro Sartorelli

      Hi all,

      but i'm understading that the customer factsheet and the customer cockpit are the same object?

      I found this:

      • customer factsheet: launch it from sicf-> CFS_APPLICATION.    how i can configure it in c4c? When i test the service i can see only contact person and  Open Quotations data, it is correct?
      • customer cockpit: launch it from se80 --> webdynpro: CUST_COCKPIT_COMP. The configuration in c4c is done as explained up as a mashup? It is possible that in ERP cockpit i cannot see any document?


      Author's profile photo Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim
      Mauricio Pinheiro Predolim


      When i try to test it in "Sales Data" clicking on sprocket wheel there is no ERP Cockpit option:

      What is missing in my config please?