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Using Mail Forms for Transaction Emails in SAP CRM

Hi All,

This is my first Blog, hence I am sure there would be lot of improvement required. Let me start.

This document is intended to share an Idea for SCN users to get the benefit of SAP CRM Mail forms to be used for Transaction Emails like Sales order Booking confirmation, Delivery communication/Dispatch emails etc. .

One of the very high quality demanding customer would like to have an email going out of SAP CRM for each transactions(Sales & Service) where content need to be an HTML where Company Logo and Product images are embedded. Conventional approaches of SAP Script, Smartfoms and Adobe forms were not satisfying business need as client don’t want to have the email as a PDF attachment.

Also correction in an Email content – simple as spelling mistake need to go through the long Change & Transport management queue. Since its a communication to end customer, sooner the correction  – better the situation.

SAP CRM Marketing is having Mail forms as a standard product mainly intended to use for Marketing Campaign Emails. However there is one more option  : Additional attributes which can be used for custom business requirements. I realized the potential of mail forms to use for transaction Emails from that point.

SPRO > Customer relationship management  > Marketing > Marketing planning and campaign management > Personalized mail > Maintain attribute context for Mail forms.


Once you create an Attribute context, you can then assign this to a structure which is nothing but list of fields which you wish to pass from transaction to the Mail forms. This structure need to be created using SE11

If you need all the fields in the structure, tick All fields check box.


In fields, you can see the fields within the structure created.


Once you have done this step, we will have this attribute context available in Web UI Mail forms. In order to access Mail forms, please login using MARKETINGPRO Role or SERVICEPRO role.


Working with Mail forms is better explained in this : Wiki page

Create a Mail form using the Created Attribute Context and Attributes.


Once required fields are added to the mail forms, a HTML mail form is ready to be tested with a preview/. Boxed fields are the fields in which data will be populated dynamically.


Next step is to connecting Emails to transactions trigger points which can be done using Actions.

Creating mail forms using Actions are also explained in under WEM

In Addition, Business may want a functionality to switch on and off Emails for a specific Market for a specific transaction type for a specific business situation. This can be achieved by introducing a Custom table to store the Conditions and Mailform name.


To summarize solution,

  • User save an order in SAP CRM in a certain status
  • Action configured for transaction for the status of the business transaction . e.g Sales Order
  • Based on the organization and other business conditions, Mailform picked from Custom table.
  • Custom attribute context in Mail form provide required fields for making a dynamic email with order details.
  • Use the normal mail send functionality to send email
  • Monitor the email in SCOT

Hope this document helps who wish to enable HTML mails for business transactions within SAP CRM.

Note:- html mail forms should be tested thoroughly using test tools to make sure mail is seen in a clean manner in all major Browser/Versions.

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      Author's profile photo Nelson Raj
      Nelson Raj

      Hi Lijo,

      Hope you're well, not sure if you remember me, it was great to read this blog, which is still useful in 2020. Thanks for the time you took to document this. Great stuff!