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Use File location object to Read(IMPORT) and write(EXPORT) files in FTP and SFTP in

This blog will provide some basic information about how to use the File location object to access files in SFTP and FTP after  Document Version: 4.2 Support Package 6 (

  1. Go to file file location object, right click on it and create new.



  • Name:Name of the file location
  • Protocol: Type of protocol(SFTP, FTP or SCP)
  • Port: you can leave it default. Usually for SFTP it is 22 and for FTP it is 21
  • HostKey fingerprint: It is required for SFTP not for FTP. But don’t worry system it self will propose this key once user and password is valid.


      copy and paste(copy is not allowed here but you can copy it in job error log)  the above marked key in the host key finger prints.

  • Authorization type: In my case, I use password
  • Connection retry count and interval can leave as it is.
  • Remote directory: is the folder path in side server(‘/’ is not required at the end)
  • Local directory: Required only if you are copying it to local system folder.

3. Now you are ready with file location object and go to the file in data flow  and double click on it.

  • Chose the file location from dropdown
  • provide the file name and the execute job. you should be able to access the file.
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  • Hi,

    Could you please elaborate how to download the files from ftp system.

    I was able to connect to the FTP Sever by using the File Locations, after this which process i need to follow.

    Please help on this we are new to sap bods.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hello All,

    How do I copy that Hostkey fingerprint? where can I find this job error log? To capture this key in the log what trace option do I need to enable? I am trying to transfer files to SFTP server and it is throwing error message SSH session terminated because hostkey fingerprint <......> does not match.

    First of all why would ask for hostkey fingerprint if I am using password authentication?




  • Good one Adarsh. I am able to create File location objects and run bods jobs successfully in BW (all in Unix environment). When I try to create a 'File location object' with userid/pwd and other parameters for a 'Qlikview' server I am getting an error, 'Could not connect to file location object server at host <IP address of Qlikview server> for port 22. Any experience connecting BODS server to Qlikview server to move a file. Any connectors required in order to use 'File Location object'?