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Updating – Not the Neverending story, but the Neverending challenge.

Recently, you will have seen a lot of changes to the platform ( A change to a new “scrolling” platform, beautiful images and more condensed content to help the user navigate more easily through all of the products and solutions that SAP offers. I hope you like the new look and feel to the site.

The changes weren’t just done for aethetics and to make it more modern, although, thats always a consideration. Functionality is the main reason, allowing us easier ways to use our digital platform to communicate with customers and prospects, allowing us a more functional platform to show our campaigns and information and also an easier way to maintain the site.

This last point is the KEY thing in my role (selfishly and the one I want to focus on today. I have always used the analogy of painting the Severn Bridge. This bridge is one of the longest in the UK, and once they paint it and finish, its time to go back to the start and begin the process again. And this is kind of what its like with the website, its a neverending challenge to make sure you have new, up to date and relevant content on the site and ready for your customers.

Our new platform makes it easier for us in that each country only controls the pages that they have a real interest in. The rest is covered by the global process, which means there is a much bigger team maintaining the bulk of the content which is not of immediate benefit to each country. This means,  locally, we have much more focus on the pages that matter to us and we don’t have to dilute our attention to pages that aren’t our real focus.

Following on from that, we now have Site Improve working on the website. Site Improve is a program that runs across our country sites and reports back to us on things that are wrong, from spelling mistakes to broken links. This program then reports back to us with where these issues are, and we can go in and fix the issues, on the pages that we manage and are relevant to us.

The reports are simple to read and easy to use. The first page gives you a nice easy to view overview of the performance and issues on your pages. Allowing you to make a quick review of what has changed since the last report and how many issues there are.

The second page simply lists the fault and the URL/URL’s that the fault is on, making this easy to find and fix.

With this tool we have now set up an ongoing process to review the sites very regularly (bi monthly where other work allows). This has a list of positives:

1. A cleaner less disrupted experience for our customers

2. Less dates content on the site

3. Easier maintenance for the local teams of the pages under their care

4. Better SEO ranking, as the pages are touched and maintained regularly.

These new features should help you to see a more up to date and vibrant and allow us to give you the digital experience you want as a customer, partner, prospect or employee. It isn’t the end of the neverending story, but it does give us some help in making sure the story is a happy one.

We hope you enjoy it.

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