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Author's profile photo Hari Sonnenahalli

Obligatory business system is missing from system landscape directory

I am doing a migration project for one of our clients who is migrating from SAP Process Integration(PI) 7.11 dual stack to Process Orchestration (PO) Netweaver 7.5 with service pack 01 java only system. I have built a new java only dev box using SAP migration tool and I have migrated objects from the existing system to the new system. It was completed successfully with a few outliers that will be fixed during the testing phase. My approach is to migrate from the new Java only Dev to the QA box through CTS transport, which will reduce a lot of work related to object creation in the new QA system. I had performed the SLD synchronization from Java only Dev to QA. This synced all the objects including Technical system, Business system, Custom Software component version and Products. I maintained the transport group as per SAP note 2093527.

According to SAP note 2093527, and depending on the method used to transport objects between the landscapes, we need to maintain the transport groups as show below.

If you are using CMS transport please keep in mind the following sequence:


QA   -> PROD

If you are using CTS+ transport then:



After the SLD transport group configuration, I had a deployment issue when I tried to transport objects using CTS plus. I checked the error log and it was complaining about the business system missing in the SLD configuration as shown below. This was not true.  All configurations I had performed were verified by our basis team.

Obligatory business system is missing system landscape directory1.png

I searched the SDN forum for a lead to fix this issue but every thread related to the same issue and suggested I perform the following activities which I had already performed:

  • Maintain business system
  • Maintain transport groups
  • Refer SAP note 2093527
  • Clear SLD cache
  • Refresh cache
  • Restart system

I talked to my BASIS architect. He looked into the system and found some Dev traces in the QA system but this did not solve the problem and we still had the same issue. After a lot of analysis, he performed the configuration changes in NWA (shown below).  This fixed the issue. I just wanted to put this information as a blog so that it would help PI or BAIS architects in case they face the same issue.  There currently is not a solution mentioned in any SDN threads.

Transport mapping for business system

Obligatory business system is missing system landscape directory2.png

Integration Server of the DEV system which is associated with Logical Identity

Obligatory business system is missing system landscape directory3.png

Configuration in QA must match the config in DEV considering the mapping of the transports

Obligatory business system is missing system landscape directory4.png

This seems to be a minor issue but it if this issue occurs it will be a show stopper in the migration project.

Hope this helps!!!!

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      Author's profile photo Eng Swee Yeoh
      Eng Swee Yeoh

      Hi Hari

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      From the screenshots of your SLD CIM associations, it looks like you are assigning the a backend ABAP as the Business System of the Integration Server, i.e. ED1 to PODEV and QA2 to POQAS.

      This doesn't seem right as the Business System for the Integration Server should be INTEGRATION_ENGINE_JAVA_XXX.

      I double checked on my system and this is what it looks like.


      Whilst it is great to know that you managed to resolve this in your project, I want to verify the correctness of the solution in case it has any other unwanted side effects.


      Eng Swee

      Author's profile photo Hari Sonnenahalli
      Hari Sonnenahalli
      Blog Post Author


      I apologize for delayed response. I think your right that logical integration identity should point to PO Dev and not ABAP system. We have corrected and will update this blog according in coming days. Please let me know if any questions.