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Hello Friends,

As you know SAP Solution manager is mostly depending on SAP SLD and LMDB Database. Sometimes chances are corruption of SLD CR Content and LMDB CR Content.

This document will help to solve inconsistency in CR Content.

Reference SAP Notes are as below

1939864 – Check if SAP CR Content is corrupt in LMDB or SLD

1093168 – Repair of SLD CR content

1891566 – Repair of LMDB CR Content

Checking for corruption

As of first step please make sure you have checked CR Content is corrupt or not.

Background job RLMDB_CR_CONTENT_HASH will show log as below

Example log for  SAP_CR 11.13

Note: If your CR Content corrupt make sure you have repair CR content in SLD first and after run report to fix it in LMDB as per SAP note: 1891566

Repair SLD CR Content


Login to SAP SLD http://host:5XX00/sld

Go to Administration and create new namespace as below


Now go back to Home and you will see that new created namespace

You can see that namespace is empty as below

Now Import BASE version of CIM Model

Go to Detail to verify


Import BASE CR Content


Now you can verify


Now match Model Version and SAP_CR Content performing import as per SAP note :669669 – Update of SAP System Component Repository in SLD


Download can be found at : Support Packages and Patches – C” SAP CR CONTENT” SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 20XX

Note: In my case I was not able to download SAP CR Content 9.11 from SAP so I updated my Productive SLD CR Content to new available version in order to match my new CR Content


Now you can see below my production and temp namespace have same version of Model and Content

Repair Process

Navigate to “Administration” -> “Maintenance” -> “Repair Software Catalog” to do this.

Note: For lower releases, call the repair function at the URLhttp://<host>:<port>/sld/admin/CRRepair.jsp.

Start repair

Lets repair process to finish

Log of SLD CR Content repair

Remove sld/temp Namespace

Go to Administration >> Namespaces

You have successfully repair CR Content in SLD

Repair LMDB CR Content

Login to SAP Solution Manager and run transaction SA38


Run program  RLMDB_SAP_CR_REPAIR_LMDB in background

Log for job

Note: Make sure you have not schedule this jog frequently


Make sure you check your LMDB and SLD Content through RLMDB_CR_CONTENT_HASHER program and both hash must be same and match to SAP note : 1939864 – Check if SAP CR Content is corrupt in LMDB or SLD

These expected hashes are currently known:

SAP CR Content Version 11.14 27aae44d-ac7d-37e1-1f18-47de18fecf2f
SAP CR Content Version 11.13 65fc7855-ab5d-2487-7af0-57f3620b32e6
SAP CR Content Version 11.12 b8a9b16f-ea96-259f-655e-e6796ea1c651
SAP CR Content Version 11.11 4fd7045f-d357-a9a1-dc6e-64288b34c404
SAP CR Content Version 11.10 ca250a10-3d77-ef97-758f-821b6fb8cc00
SAP CR Content Version 11.9 390d77eb-ea22-e461-58e9-e24dcbedfe20
SAP CR Content Version 11.8 9bb890d9-195d-686b-ff3e-de4fe542a198
SAP CR Content Version 11.7 cebb3392-521e-77f9-01b7-e6762fbefdfc
SAP CR Content Version 11.6 3249529a-f384-a263-93de-a7c658820068
SAP CR Content Version 11.5 1e5c1e6a-442b-316d-8c46-8caa6494b3d8
SAP CR Content Version 11.4 645b514b-db84-0d20-1e52-8dd6d50350b8
SAP CR Content Version 11.3 64e57b8d-baea-dbf6-3707-1693d9ea038a
SAP CR Content Version 11.2 7a8567f1-eab4-dc9f-4350-3f99f4d74e6c
SAP CR Content Version 11.1 026da763-a588-b16f-68a1-d5ea4bbfb562
SAP CR Content Version 11.0 123cb9c8-5886-4cf3-f01f-7ab9239981ec
SAP CR Content Version 10.12 6ed9e867-81fb-050c-988f-c6afdac17916
SAP CR Content Version 10.11 b9481f5d-b410-85f6-b943-643c2ceed655
SAP CR Content Version 10.10 f4ecae34-7a83-431d-403b-39fc88cf6f46
SAP CR Content Version 10.9 437026e9-6f77-ceca-2672-8fc2f5a4ce74
SAP CR Content Version 10.8 11e60a49-cc65-0789-87b8-082412042575
SAP CR Content Version 10.7 e6595d59-ec3d-5543-0e93-65cfd463180e
SAP CR Content Version 10.6 71742950-39be-d58f-127c-0515cc572bf7

These expected hashes are valid for report version 2.0:

SAP CR Content Version 12.1 eafe50c3-d8ea-eb1f-60a9-cb812ed6f7fb
SAP CR Content Version 12.0 6b80a3aa-ef37-8505-4994-3a242622afa9
SAP CR Content Version 11.13 36e7b696-8651-51e6-c896-0c7f76e733ef
SAP CR Content Version 11.12 592562b9-51f1-cfe5-9c51-5d11cbea6ee4
SAP CR Content Version 11.11 8cc46d70-c2f3-3a30-9c09-45c880467186
SAP CR Content Version 11.10 f21f213e-0554-b7c7-cd91-cb4c4e2f9248
SAP CR Content Version 11.9 38bb0da1-e2bf-521f-fcab-11214821af1a
SAP CR Content Version 11.8 30951165-565a-706a-366a-a5d1c13a8c19

Thank you for reading. Any comment and suggestions are welcome.

Yogesh Patel

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