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Mapping types and FIM Mapping Guidelines

Common Types of Mappings required : Usually for source system to target planning or consolidation system following type of mappings are required by the business

Mapping Type Example Description
Explicit – One to One Reporting Unit – DA100 Simple One to One Mapping
Like 5100?????, *9800 Using Wild characters
Range – Between Numeric Values 50006000 Alphabetical and numeric ranges required

Range –

Set of Values

5000,6799,9999,S459 Set of possible values.
Logic – If then Else

If CURVAL > 0 then

    Result = CURVAL

End If

If the condition is true then only perform mapping

The table below represents the recommended approach that can be followed in FIM mapping tables

Mapping Type Solution
Explicit – One to One Enter Direct Value
Like Leverage FIM string matching operators
Range – Between Numeric Values


any number between no1

and no2

Range –

Set of Values


If the data matches either ABC+ or

XYZ* then the result is true.

Logic – If then Else Preferable to avoid. ERP assement cycle should to be performed before loading information in FIM
LogicMultiplication by Factor


For division by millions

To be discouraged for allocation

Most used FIM mapping operators

Mapping table 1jpg.jpg


Common Errors that needs to be highlighted to business users during FIM training

  1. Do not write the source fields beginning or ending within single quotes.
  2. Do not use comma as a delimiter, semicolon is default delimiter in FIM.
  3. Target fields should begin and end with single quotes if they contain constant strings.
  4. Not using correct source field names while referring it in the target. E.g. if source field name is “DP Year” then space should be maintained while referencing it. Still better is to avoid space in all source field names.
  5. While referring to the source dimension in the target, write the source dimension names in same case as in Source
  6. While concatenating not writing strings within single quotes. E.g. [YEAR]||’.’||[MONTH]  here the dot should be written in single quotes.
  7. Using comma as delimiter instead of 2 dots in range definition E.g. [10000,20000] instead of [10000..20000]
  8. Account, Cost Center fields not padded with Zeros. In case field length would vary in different source systems.

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      Author's profile photo Manas Phadke
      Manas Phadke

      Another common error that needs to be highlighted to users during training. When using Ranges with values separated by semicolons, care should be taken not to enter a semicolon before the closing curly bracket since it then makes it a general rule.

      For eg. In case of Accounts field {041570013;041580052;} is not the same as {041570013;041580052} since the earlier syntax will accept any account value due to closing ; This can particularly impact jobs where highest matching rule applies has been enabled & the specific rule is after the general rule.