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Financial Values with Rupee (₹) Symbol

Hi All,

I am writing this post to share my project experience.

As per the customers requirement we need to currency in Indian currency format. To achieve it I have search for posts on SCN and I found one which helps me to resolve the Currency format issue.

But after showing the financial values as per the Indian standards new question arises “Where is the rupee (₹) sign?”

We have other currency symbols like $, €, ¥ etc. but there is no Rupee (₹) Symbol in list.

To achieve this we dig more and found the solution, that we can use the UTF Unicode format to get this symbol into Web Intelligence Report.

To share this scenario I have created one sample report, It has Total Fare which should be in Indian Currency format.

After creating report I have applied the steps mentioned in ( to get number format as per Indian Standards.

After this I have applied below mentioned formula to display Rupee Sign before Total Fare.

=Char(8377) + [Total Fare]

Char function will return the character associated with given ASCII code, for Rupee sign it is “8377”. 

Final Output:


I hope this will help many developers like me those who are working with Indian clients.



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