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SAP HANA Cloud Portal – An introduction to Sites

In this blog we will look into the concept of sites in HANA Cloud Portal .

With the HANA Cloud Portal , SAP have come up with the concept of sites . A site is nothing but a collection of tiles and is very similar ( both in terms of look and feel as well as configuration ) to the traditional FIORI launchpad .

Before we delve deeper into Sites , let us first take a look as to how an application can be deployed to a site . The following screenshots demonstrate the process :

Right Click on the application and select the menu item shown below :





Now click on Register to SAP FIORI Launchpad




I have selected the default Catalog and Group but you can select different ones if available in the site .

Click next and then Finish to complete the deployment .


Now your application has been deployed to the Cloud Portal and can be assigned to Catalogues/Groups   .

Below is a screenshot of the HANA  Cloud Portal landing page .


We can click on Site Directory to see the list of sites .

As you can see , there is a default site that comes pre-built and then there are a couple of sites that I have created .Site1.JPG

We can create a new site by clicking on the large Plus icon .


Once we click on Create , the new site opens in a new tab in Admin mode . The new  site can then be configured . The site has also been added to my Site Directory as shown below :


Please note that for a site to be visible to end users , it needs to be published . This can be achieved by clicking on the arrow next to edit and then clicking

“Publish” . A site can be taken offline in a similar manner . A site which has not been published or which has been taken offline will not be visible to the end user .

Let us now look see how we can configure a site ( Add tiles , catalogue , groups etc ) –

Mouse over the site that needs to be configured and click on the link .


The site will open in Non Admin Mode :


The following screenshot shows how we can switch to Admin mode


We can click on Manage Site to switch to admin mode which is shown in the following screenshot :


We can click on Site Settings to view and edit various settings . Clicking on Apps will show a list of all apps that have been deployed to the current site .

Clicking on Catalogs will show a list of all catalogs . We can add tiles to Catalogs here .

For the purpose of this blog , we will take a look at what happens when we click on the Tile Groups link .  We will get a screen as shown below with a list

of all groups and an option to create new groups . Clicking on any existing group will show the details of that group along with an option to edit that group.


Let us now see how we can add a new group and assign it to a user role ( I will show how to create roles for HANA Cloud portal towards the end of this blog )

Clicking on the Plus icon will open the following screen :


I have provided the name of the tile . We will now assign the group to roles :


As you can see , I have selected two roles , Everyone( Standard SAP role )  and  ZHKTESTROLE1 ( a custom role created by me…will show later how )

We then proceed to add tiles ( applications ) to this group ( by clicking on the + icon ) :


Now do an OK to see the following screen .


With all this , we have successfully configured our groups . I can click on the monitor icon next to my User Name to preview this site . The site link can then be distributed to users who will be able to access the site and the content therein based on their roles .

Note : Since we have used the role , “Everyone” for the group , any user with a valid login credential will be able to see the site content . If we want to restrict this , we need to remove this role from the group . After doing this , only those users with a role HKTESTROLE1 will be able to access the content on the site .

How to create roles for HANA cloud Portal :

Let us now see how we can create roles for HANA Cloud Portal .

We need to go to Services on the HCP cockpit and click on SAP HANA Cloud Portal .


We will see the following screen and need to click on Configure SAP HANA Cloud PortalPortal2.JPG

We can now click on Roles on the left side and see the following screen . We can create new roles here and assign them to individual users or to groups as per our requirements .


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