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SAP Business ByDesign HTML5 UI 16.08 sneak preview

Dear colleagues,

as for the previous feature packs, you can see what has been developed in 16.08 regarding the HTML5 UI in the following video: SAP Business ByDesign HTML5 UI 16.08 – YouTube

In order to try the new UI out on your own in YOUR OWN test tenant (it does not work in productive tenants), you simply need to append the additional tag at the end of your test tenant’s URL, which is “client_type=html”, for example .


Focus in 16.08 was on performance and enabling more floor plans to be used with HTML5.

Therefore, we added the concept of the Launch Pad. Similar to the shortcuts in the the SILVERLIGHT UI, you can promote links to the first page. In this example, I added a tile to accomplish direct access to a list of projects:


The big advantage of the Launchpad is, that it is immediately actionable – even if the counters are not yet loaded, you can click on the tiles and start an action. This reflects our commitment to NOT change the underlying navigational concepts, BUT to improve performance.

With 16.08 first customers can use the CRM capabilities in the production tenants.

Please enjoy the sneak preview and looking forward to your feedback.

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  • Looks good, and "feels" much more responsive. The only thing our users discussed is "when is it availlable for production, even as BETA or read-only".

    • Hi Joachim, it is available today in all test tenants. Based on the feedback we will take a 'general availability' decision and hope for 16.11 feature pack (Nov 2016). this version will not be fully functional but cover most areas in FIN, SRM, CRM, most self services. PRO and SCM will be covered with the key floorplans but more work to be done until mid 2017.

  • Is there an equivalent URL for SSO sign in to the HTML5 client?

    I tried the obvious but that didn't work.

    • I was wondering the same thing and I came across this blog: It contains the URLs for both SSO and non-SSO.


      Hope this helps!

  • Hi Rainer,

    looks good (though I did like the Ocean Reef template 🙂 and works quite well, thank you.

    Still questions remain:

    1) Why do you build "Fiori" and "Plain HTML5"-version in parallel? Will both be published simulatenously?

    > Versions can be accessed like:


    Plain HTML5:

    2) What's the ByD-Mobile-Strategy?

    a) Totally responsive
    b) Additional, separated (progressive) Web Apps / "Fiori Apps"
    c) New native Client for Android/iOS?

    > Just tested Mobile Capabilities on Smartphone:

    Doesn't seem mobile-ready

    Plain HTML5
    Here, at least the main menu is mobile-enabled

    3) Small kid constantly whining: "Are we there yet" (with Version 16.11)?

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Rainer,

    Since last weekend our productive system has been changed to 16.11. The HTML5 UI is available for some functions and looks quite good.

    Also some self services were provided. The key function “Edit Time Sheet” will hopefully come with the next release.

    It would be helpful for us if some documentation was provided. Except for a very small announcement in What’s New, there is no documentation on HTML5. How should users work with the new interface? The new HTML5 UI ist not self-explanatory. Which functions were now actually executed, which are missing in the changed work centers? Are there release notes with information about the current HTML5-Release?

    It would be a pity if the success of this giant project was diminished by inadequate user information.

    Best regards


  • Hi Matt,

    The SSO link is as follows

    This is the url which should work:

    Tenant 123456 ->

    Kind regards