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Author's profile photo Simon Hoeg

** TEAM FPM ** – A new Message Area

As already announced by Celeste’s recent blog, there is a new Message Area available with SAP NetWeaver 750 SAP_UI SP01.

The new design provides a more modern look and feel. When an error arises, the system displays an notification icon and a popover displaying the messages. See Figure 1.


Figure 1: New Message Area in FPM application S_EPM_UX_PO_GAF

For all Floorplan Manager applications there are two ways to get the new design

  1. Run the application with parameter WDUIGUIDELINE=FIORI (see also the documentation) or
  2. Set the Message Area Design to the value “Notification Icon” in the configuration environment (FLUID). See Figure 2.

There are two exceptions for which the new design cannot be rendered due to technical reasons:

  1. The Message Log has been activated in the Message Settings (see Figure 2)
  2. The application is rendered in quirks mode. See also SAP Note 2273522.


Figure 2: Adapting the Message Area Design in FLUID.

Once the Message Area popover appears, it can be dragged (via mouse) to another position on the screen, see Figure 3.


Figure 3: Changing the position of the Message Area

The Message Area popover can be pinned to the page header by using function Pin.PNG(see Figure 4), and  – vice versa – it can be unpinned from the page header with function UnPin.png.


Figure 4: Message Area in pinned state

As with earlier versions the Message Area renders three messages by default. This default value can be changed in the configuration environment, see the field Maximum Message Size in the Message Settings (Figure 2). If the maximum number of messages has been exceeded, then a scrollbar appears, (see Figure 5). In addition a small handle /wp-content/uploads/2016/04/resize_925164.pngis available to change the height of the popover. A corresponding function is provided also in the pinned state (see Figure 4).


Figure 5: Scrollbar and resize handle in Message Area

As with earlier versions there are three different message severities (resp. types): Error, Warning and Success. They are visualized with corresponding icons: /wp-content/uploads/2016/04/error_925181.png, /wp-content/uploads/2016/04/warning_925182.png and /wp-content/uploads/2016/04/success_925183.png.The amount of messages for each severity is displayed behind the icons (see Figure 5), and by clicking on the icons you can filter based on the selected type (see Figure 6).


Figure 6: Filter messages by selected type

Enjoy this great improvement 😉

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      Author's profile photo Ioan Radulescu
      Ioan Radulescu

      Hi thanks. it doesn’t seem to show the long texts of messages from message classes… or maybe I’m calling the wrong message manager? Is this is known limitation?

      [update]: it has to do with the method called for texts>>>you need to use report_t100_message to have the long text, the other methods (like raise_t100_message) don’t show long texts.

      Author's profile photo Simon Hoeg
      Simon Hoeg
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ioan,

      there is no limitation with regard to long texts of T100 messages.

      I remember of at least one bug related to this. Please create a BCP incident for component BC-WD-CMP-FPM to get a proper solution.

      Thank you & Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Sander Knoll
      Sander Knoll

      Hi Simon,

      We are working with the message area for a few years now and no real complaints except for the "Filter" users can click on the icons to filter the messages but they will loose their setting when the application is re-opened.

      Are there plans to add such a functionality or is creating a enhancement the way?