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SAP Project System on S/4 HANA

Hello All

This is a brief document on SAP S/4 HANA offerings in SAP PS module.

Let us first walk through the “Enterprise Portfolio & Project Management”

  • Portfolio Management

        Managing & Monitoring the programs & portfolios at Strategic Level

  • Project management

        This is the Tactical Level involving – Project Planning & Execution , Monitoring , Progress Tracking , Financial Planning , Workspace ,Issues & Change          management.

There is an integration with other tools like MSP ,Prima Vera (Non SAP) thru integration solutions like Primavera P6 ,OpenPS4MSP.

  • Operational Level

         This includes  :Sales & Logistics (SD/CRM ,PP /SCM ,MM/SRM) ; R&D (PLM ,EHS) ; Resources (HR ,MRS ,CATS) ; Finance (PS ,FI ,CO)

Next is to get a detailed Overview of HANA offering.

  1. Transactional SAP Fiori Apps : ERP Accelerators  (New Line Item Reports CJI3N ,CJI4N) ,Overhead Calculation
  2. SAP EHP 6 version for HANA : HANA Search & SAP Fiori fact sheets
  3. SAP Smart Business for Project Execution 1.0 : Project builder ,  Selected PS report ,RRB ,Progress versions
  4. SAP HANA live for ERP 1.0


Traditional approach was Transact ->Analyze->Accelerate                                HANA Approach

  • Multiple copies of data                                                                                 –  In memory ,Mobile ,Cloud ,Social                                                         
  • Data Storage in different data models                                                         – The Real time enterprise
  • High Latency

New class of real-time businesses and analytical apps – Role based ,Context based , Consume level experience

Improved Engineering to Production Cycles

  1. Quickly create and calculate product cost calculation structures and impact of changes.
  2. Analyze high level project KPIs and drill down to details to take decisions
  3. Analyze missing parts

Improved Project Management of Complex projects

  1. Optimization of T codes & reports along the end to end process
  2. Improved transparency and reduced risks
  3. Smart cross business entity with contextual navigation

SAP Fiori – Simplification & User experience

  • Responsive design providing user experience on desktop ,mobile, tablet
  • Intuitive user experience focusing on single role & single business scenario
  • Consistent & coherent design
  • Extensibility
  • SAP Fiori search & factsheets
  • Transactional Apps

SAP Smart Business for Project Execution

  • Turning information into knowledge
  • Leveraging tiles from operational KPIs that can be configured and personalized
  • Launchpad reflects real time data
  • Potential drill down
  • Virtual data models (VDM)
    Facet Filter capabilities
  • Enhanced VDM



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  • Thanks for this information.

    Since it seems that Portfolio Mgmt is clubbed with PS functionality, what kind of skills (besides functional) will be required. Currently for PPM we need web-dynpro/portal skills. Now with Portfolio Mgmt incorporated in S/4HANA, do we still need those skills?

    Also where will Commercial Project Management fit into this? I would think it as a part of overall PS module in S/4HANA.

    Any further insights w.r.t new technical skills needed?

      • /
        • Hi Mariano and Shubham,

          Im reading information about PS (project System), PPM and CPM but i have a lot of doubts. How is actual scenario in S/4 Hana? i mean, PS is still working? because in SAP official website i dont find any information about it, only about EPPM, PPM or CPM.

          Maybe PS will be replaced for one of these solutions mention before? Is professional services the equivalent a PS in S/4 Cloud?

          Im not an expert in the matter and i´m really  messed up, please could you explain wich is the relationship between this modules? and the meaning and pourpuse of each of them? i think that CPM is complement for PS but im not really sure.

          Any help will be good received.

          Thank you both,





  • Hi Shubham, may be very basic question but let me ask.
    What we need to focus on or learn to work on S4 HANA being certified SAP PS associate.
    Thanks in advance ,

    • Hi Kaushal ,

      Few points which is a must read for any SAP consultant who is looking to work on S4 HANA .

      • Study S4 HANA architecture as it is new ERP all together.
      • Read simplification list for SAP PS module as it gives a fair idea on which transactions are as it is taken in HANA architecture and which are redundant.
      • Read documents on Simple Finance and Simple logistics.
      • If possible , have a good Hands-On experience on S4 HANA systems.
      • Read on Fiori Apps as it is basic front end for S4 HANA.


    • Hi Avinash,


      I suggest you please go through the simplification list section 28 - Logistics PS.

      This will give you complete insights on PS enhancements.