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SAP ONE Support Launchpad – my whish list

I’m using the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad (nicely introduced in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad Blog Series: A Revolutionary New Way to Access Support blog seires) for quite some time already and I do quite like it.



But there are some things, that would improve working with it even more, so here is my whish list.

(I already used the “Share your Feedback” feature in the bottom left corner in the launchpad, but that is only a one-way-road. I hope this blog post on SCN will be more interactive.)




1. “Open Incidents” vs. “My Open Incidents”



The “Open Incidents” app is fine, displaying what Incidents where opend for my company – however, only a few of them are “mine” (opened by me), I would like to see them in a separate tile (=MY Open Incidents).



The same is true for “Solution Proposed”, “Incidents Inbox” and “No Updates”

(so I also want “MY Solution Proposed”, “MY Incidents Inbox” and “MY No Updates” as additional information on my launchpad).




2. E-Mail notification if an Incident I opened is sent back to me.

[Well, that already exists! I didn’t see the mails because of some E-Mail-filter rules… 😐 ]





3. Adding a note / status to an Incident, without sending it.

When editing an incident, there is only a “send” Button. Sometimes I would wish for a “save (without sending!)” button as well.

Use case are documenting things like:

– “I got / understood the message, now I’m working on it.”

– “I passed the request on to someone (e.g. basis), waiting for response”

– “I have a little piece of Information I’d like to write down (in the right place -> the incident), but I don’t want to send it, yet, as I’m still working on it.



[Edit: In order to connect the pieces, I’m referencing some of the other content I created on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad:


SAP ONE Support Launchpad – Positive Call Closure survey


SAP ONE Support Launchpad: opening a dummy-incident (for training / demo) ?


SAP ONE Support Launchpad – Incidents Management: closing an Issues





What is your experience with the SAP ONE Support Launchpad?

What features do you miss?



Your feedback is welcome!





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  • It seems as my whish #3 was granted:

    Now when I choose "edit" in an issue, I still have the "send" in the lower right corner, but there's also a "save"-button (lower left corner, next to "cancel").

    It does exactly what I wanted:

    - Action Log shows I did something to the incident

    - it's not send, as I'm still working on it

    - my note can be seen in the Communication-tab (with a "pen"-Icon).

    Only thing strange: I would have expected my note be be the topmost entry in "Communication", but it's strangely sorted: it's underneath the last 4 messages from SAP-support but above the 5th-last Message from SAP.

    I can’t see the logic to that, currently.

    Still, great feature!

    This is probably part the new "Draft"-Feature mentioned in the April 2016 Release-Notes? (

  • Hi Joachim,

    I'm passing along your feedback to the Launchpad project team for comment.  I will ask them to comment here, but will also pass along any additional feedback I receive from them.

    Thank you for also using the Launchpad's built-in Feedback channel.  The feedback received there is processed and discussed within the project team to determine future enhancements, so it is the best way to get a direct line to the hands turning the cranks, so to speak!



  • Hi Joachim,

    I am glad to hear that you like the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Thanks alot for your feedback. Here is more info on your topics:

    1.) We already remember the decision, the user made in the inicdent list. So if the user selects 'My Incidents' in the list, this selection will be remenbered and 'My Incidents' are displayed the next time by default. This selection is not yet reflected on the KPI of the respective tile. But we already added this request to our backlog

    2.) Saving as a draft will be available, with a dedicated tile.

    Kind regards, Arno

    • Thanks for the Update, Arno!

      Im realy looking forward to being able to see "MY Incidents" reflected as the KPI of a tile!

      But please note that "switching" between "MY Incidents" and "ALL Incicdents" in the same tile is not 100% what I want:

      I would like to habe both Infos available at once, so I would need 2 different tiles!

  • My wish list item is not to see any content that has nothing to do with our SAP installation. E.g. when searching for the notes I get the results for Business One on top of the list and now it's also searching "Sybase resolved cases". Why? It's just a waste of resources (and my time).

    Good thing at least I was able to tune out Success Factors...

  • /
    SAP ONE Support Launchpad - Incidents.png
    • Uh, this indeed looks strange! 🙁

      Does maybe re-sizing your browser window help?

      I took a screenshot (app: "Incidents - inbox") of how I see the list, there it looks fine to me:
      (note that I canged my language for the Screenshot to German to make it  comparable to yours).

      2016-04-14 11_24_50_Meldungsliste.jpg

      2016-04-14 11_24_50_Meldungsliste.jpg
      • No, resizing the browser doesn't help. The last column always is stuck at this incredibly narrow setting. If I remove the last column from the display, the one that is then the last column shows the same issue.

        • What browser are you using? It looks OK for me in FF.

          By the way, there should be Feedback button in the Portal that can be used to send, well, the feedback about the site.

          • Hmm - ok, this doesn't seem like a widespread issue (affecting a lot of users), so let me tap the LP team to see if they have any ideas on what (settings, etc.) might cause this.



          • It is odd indeed. It works fine for me in IE11, but we only upgraded a month or two ago and I've been using the Launchpad as part of the pilot when I still had IE10 and there was no such issue.

            There are some other weird things though: e.g. when I tested the incident submission few months ago it worked fine, but when I was opening an actual incident a week ago I could not attach a file. Then it worked again when updating the incident today. Go figure...

    • Hi Volker,

      I also tried reproducing this using (different flavors of) IE10 with German as my language. but was not able to...

      Could you please;

      1. Try clearing cookies and cache
      2. Add a screenshot of the exact IE version; Help or Gear icon > About Internet Explorer
      3. Add a screenshot of your Compatibility View Settings (from Tools or the Gear icon)
      • For posterity: I've had to move to a different system since our system administrators were unable to upgrade the IE past version 10 - because Microsoft, or so I've been told. On the new system, I no longer see the effect I described earlier.

        Oh well, welcome to browser version dependency hell - something most ABAP developers have managed to avoid for a long time...

  • This might make perfect sense to the Fiori designers, but this popup gave my under-caffeinated brain a pause this morning.


    What do I click now? There is a dialog going on somewhere? Why was I not invited? 🙂

  • Ok, here's my item of the day. In attempting to use the new System Data tool, I can't find a way to edit the kernel release information. For some reason the kernel release on my ECC DEV system has reverted to "46D" in the online tool, and I am certain that before the switch it correctly said "721." The patch level is correct. As this information doesn't replicate to/from Solution Manager (still! why not?), it currently has to be manually maintained in the system data online.

    But when I click on the "Edit" button, after waiting a long time for anything to happen (with no spinning progress indicator, so one might be tempted to keep clicking the button), eventually the only things I can edit are the system name and type (admin data), the current product version and go-live date, the usage types, and the enhancement pack/add-on product versions. I can't get to any of the other sections, such as kernel, host, software patch versions, etc.

    I tried clicking on "Share Your Feedback" on that page to write about this, but that button isn't doing anything at all today.

    So here I am. 🙁 Anyone else experiencing these issues?

    By the way, Jamie, I have to applaud your responsiveness to the items raised in these comments. That is great customer support. And, I have noticed the "pop-up" message that we were just discussing has indeed updated to a new message (for HEC customers), different from yesterday's.



    • I'm seeing a couple of different issues now myself that I've been able to replicate in both IE11 and Chrome (including the feedback button being non-responsive).  I am putting this in front of the team to see if we can get some more info. 

      And, thanks, Matt!  It know it's not always satisfying not to get a "solution" right away, but I want you all to be aware that we're here and we're working to get any issues taken care of ASAP.



      • Thanks, Jamie. I totally forgot to mention that I'm using Firefox (first rule of reporting problems, include the versions in use!), but I'm experiencing the same behavior with IE11.

      • I got two more bugs in the user management. User deletion process just goes to la-la land (although it does work at the end) and a Close button is non-responsive in one scenario.

        @Jamie - since Feedback button is not working, where do you want us to put this? Should we create a discussion thread? (It can be locked later, if necessary.) It seems unfair to hijack Joachim's blog (sorry!). 😳

        • Hey Jelena, it's nice having you all here in my blog, no worries!

          But in the interest of other users having similar problems it would probably be better to open one discussion per issue (like we generally do) -> problem (and hopefully solution as well) are easier to find that way.

          If you feel it's beneficial (like having a central point collection different issues), comment a reference here.

          I could also edit some reference in the original blog, let me know!



    • Hi everyone,

      The Feedback button has been restored in the Launchpad, so please continue to provide feedback to the LP team there for the most direct channel.  I will continue to monitor SCN and provide responses where possible.  Thanks for all that you do!


    • I agree - it's very annoying. It's not at all unusual for me to open a note and then go on to do some research in the system for a while. Then I might go back and either look at another note from the same list or refine the search results. I'd prefer to have it open for as long as I need to.

  • Just to bring everyone up to speed on the latest developments on my wish for the new support portal concerning the Security Patches tile, the big news is....

    there is no news.


    I have still heard nothing on the Incident that I raised as directed, the tile is still called Security Patches and when I launch it,the error message still tells me that it has nothing for me because we are not HEC customers and the tile is actually HEC Security Patches.


    • I'm quite intrigued but that HEC tile business... In "Personalization" (the stripes button in the top left corner in Launchpad) there is the whole Cloud section with most tiles "not authorized" but some, quite surprisingly, available. It includes the Security Patches one:


      (There is no Security Patches tile in the On-premise section). But the funny part is - we are not a HEC customer and I have only "On Premise" role in the profile:


      Why is it showing me the HEC stuff if I specifically chose not to? I thought the roles were exactly for that - to hide the things we didn't want to see. Now I'm confused...

      • Interestingly, in my profile I don't see those other roles at all. I see "On Premise" only (and it is checked). So, in the tiles I don't see anything for "Security Patches" for HEC, but I do see this:

        And it works just fine. The various other tiles, if they say something in the lower-right corner about type of system, all say "on premise."

        So, could the problem be related to having those other types of systems (HEC, SF, etc) show up in your profile roles at all, even if unchecked?

      • Hi Jelena,

        I've asked the LP team to elaborate on this a bit.  It seems the HEC tiles are not specifically tied to the roles at this time.  So, it is up to you to choose not to show them by de-selecting them in the personalization area you mentioned.  Understood this doesn't really help answer your question, but I guess I would say it's a "known" functionality right now.



    • Hi Gretchen,

      My understanding is that your incident was already responded to and I also elaborated on the topic in the other thread.  Did you submit a separate incident on this same topic?



      • Jamie,

        No, I never heard anything on my Incident. From what Matt says, it sounds like I have the wrong tile. But since I have to log out of SCN before I can log in to the Support Launchpad, I have not yet tried to swap it out.


        • Hi Gretchen,

          Please see my response to this issue in the original thread on March 4 (the comment box isn't allowing me to add the link here because it's in the private mentor space).  It looks like the tech team also replied twice to your incident on March 4 explaining the same details I outlined in my response and the incident was confirmed automatically due to no response from you.



          • Jamie,

            Thanks for letting me know. I don't know where those responses went that I never saw them. As many SAP Incidents as I raise, I've never had one where I never got the responses. I will carve out some time again to try to sort it out. 


          • Hi Gretchen,

            No problem at all.  And if you're not able to find the responses, please do let me know.  That will be a whole separate issue to tackle!



          • Gretchen, just FYI - it happened once with me that I didn't receive the emails with updates on an incident and had no clue until I opened it in the Portal and found the comments there. I remember the SAP team looked into this together with me and, unfortunately, we were not able to find any issues on either side. It hasn't happened since though, so just penciled that in to a random glitch.

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